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G speaks,
You stole my question! :-)

Easy DIY Upgrade: Paint a Swiss Cross on It
7/29/14 09:10 PM

The Midwest crate is a good one, although the one pictured is WAY TOO SMALL for the dog in it. Always go bigger. We had 2 of these crates and we bought the largest size that was manufactured, although our dogs were greyhound. The dog needs enough space to comforatably stand, turn and stretch out (when reclining).

And if you are worried about potential damage, adopt a senior dog. They are typically housebroken, and adjusted to living in a home. I am not saying all senior dogs are without separation anxiety but chances are it won't be a problem. An older dog asks for nothing and gives so much in return!

Bringing Home a New Dog? The Essential Shopping List for a Damage-Free Home
7/29/14 08:59 PM

It's gorgeous. Congrats, Rachel, on your new digs.
It looks strangely familiar but I understand it is a new post. I love it all. My favourite piece (although it is hard to pick only one) is the dresser in the bedroom.
Thanks for sharing, and I wish you many happy years in lovely apartment.

Rachel's First Place (and It's Great!) House Call
7/29/14 11:16 AM

I made lots of trips from Toronto to Chicago (well, I am about 100 km westnorth of Toronto but that's close enough), with 3 greyhounds in the car.

For each trip, I filled a few plastic bottles with water and I let them sit in the freezer overnight. They defrosted very slowly so I had ice cold water for myself + for the dogs for the entire trip (often, it was a 12 hr drive - especially in construction season - even with minimum potty stops).

Also, if you drive from Canada to the US, you cannot bring any food for the dogs with you that has not been made in the US. I like to have a backup (nothing worse than having a car breakdown somewhere and 3 hungry dogs) so for each trip, I had about 8-10 can of Blue wet food (as long as the can says Made in the USA, it will be allowed).

If you need to stay overnight, have a list of pet-friendly motels with you. Sometimes it is hard to make a reservation because you may not know ahead of time how far you will make it. So be prepared.

5 Tips for a Better Roadtrip
7/28/14 12:25 PM

Hi Rupert,
I am, in fact, European. I have lived in Europe longer than in North America.
I have a hard time believing that the 'old carved door' (even though I did not refer to it by those words) is, in fact, trompe l'oeil. The article does not mention it anywhere. But if it is (trompe l'oeil), it's truly spectacular.

A Small Parisian Studio Professional Project
7/27/14 05:13 PM

The armchair caught my eye right away - nice shape, and I love the subtle pink.

Aileen's Light & Bright DIY Decor House Call
7/27/14 04:35 PM

That's incredible - it looks better than new.

Before & After: A Marvelous Mid-Century Modern Make-Under
7/26/14 09:46 PM

The blue kitchen is adorable.

Painting Ideas: 10 Intense Wall Paint Colors to Push Your Style
7/26/14 09:43 PM

What a fun thread!

I am fascinated by confounded's toilet. Where you pour the Dawn, into the toilet or into the water tank?
And the dying cat (I have never heard a dying cat and I don't want to) and the duck. LOL

My house (built roughly in the 60's) omits loud cracks and bangs. Originally, I was really worried about it (they are loud enough to scare a more sensitive soul) thinking there is something wrong with the structure but the house is still standing (I have lived here for 9 years).

The back door (in the kitchen) - it has two locks and I always used only the one by the door handle but it quite "weak" because I would on many days I would return home from work and it almost feels as if the door was not locked.
When the door is just shut (but not locked) and it's really windy outside (and the storm door has the upper pane pulled down so there is only the mesh) the back door can open on its own.

There is some funny wiring in the dining room - I don't remember exacly what happened but the wiring for the chandelier is somehow tied to the outlet about a foot above the floor on one wall. I found out when I was replacing the original light fixture the first year (I know nothing about electricity but I can replace a light fixture).

What Are Your Home's Most Unusual Quirks?
7/26/14 09:30 PM

Forget the party - I want that dress on the right!!!

Your Must-Read Advice for Throwing the Best Party Ever Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
7/26/14 09:14 PM

I am amazed. Very nice jobs guys, and hats off pulling it off on a tight budget.
I know the $ is an issue but when you can afford it, I would vote for a bigger area rug in front of the sofa.

Charlote's Budget Beauty House Call
7/26/14 09:12 PM

There are features that I like (the Art letters and the wallpaper not being any of them) - for example, the intricate panel (?) behind the vase with flowers - is it old door hanging on the wall for decoration? hard to say; and I actually do like the little half-wall between the bed and the living area.
But, I cannot stand the floor lamp - I have never liked these, they just look silly IMHO.

A Small Parisian Studio Professional Project
7/26/14 09:10 PM

Thank you, Kimber. I will check out.
But perhaps I should skip that Megan of Oregon's Insta. I will be forever drooling and envious of the west climate, with its mild temps and copious rain.

5 Instagram Accounts for Plant Lovers to Follow
7/25/14 07:05 PM

Regardless whether Kardashian is mentioned on AT or not, I wonder what's wrong with the entire world being obssessed with a brainless woman only has big t**s and a** to flaunt?

What Kim Kardashian Taught Me About Life
7/25/14 04:30 PM

I really like the Hollensbury house (the first photo). It looks like it has always been there and although it is obvious the house is very narrow, I wouldn't have guessed it's only 7 ft wide.
Well, people live in 300+ sq ft apartments - but a house tour of this place would be really interesting.

Spite Houses Are Exactly What They Sound Like
7/25/14 12:48 PM

I would like to know what the baskets are used for.

Before & After: A Catch-All Laundry Room Gets Beautiful and Functional
7/25/14 12:42 PM

It's similar to having access to the outdoor space only via the bedroom (which, perhaps, is less of a problem for apartment dwellers or house owners with no dogs).

How to Make the Most of Typical Rental Features: The Only Bathroom is Through the Bedroom
7/25/14 12:39 PM

I like the house - the bones, the layout.

Perhaps the Obama - HOPE art should taken down now? LOL

Wendy & Gavin's Bright White Cottage House Tour
7/25/14 12:34 PM

What a lovely place! But the garden, ah, the garden! It sort of reminds me of the coveted greenhouse garden of Andie McDowell's in Green Card.

And the Oscar for best photo goes to ..... the kitty on the ladder.

Magali & Bart's Soulful Belgium Retreat An Apartment Therapy + Aphrochic Remix House Tour
7/24/14 07:46 PM

I agree with Madfemme completely. I have never gotten over the North American habit to keep shoes in bedrooms etc. Keeping them on shelving all over the room is even worse. Not only are shoes dirty, they smell.
I keep mine in the basement, in a large Ikea buffet, by the entrance to the garage. I put them on just before I go to the car and I take them off when I enter the house.
I really like the cabinet in photo #1. What a waste to store shoes in it.

Shoes as Art: 10 Clever Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces
7/24/14 07:41 PM