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At some point, your children are going to have questions regarding words they've heard and what they mean. And they're going to ask you about sex too! I'm hoping you become comfortable enough to answer any questions they have and won't give the "babies come from bellybuttons" response when sex and childbirth is the topic. Read the book as it was written and use it as a chance to teach your older children if they happen to giggle when they hear you read it or question why you're using that word.

Reading Aloud to Kids: The P Word in Children's Literature
10/26/12 12:46 PM

I think this is a wonderful lesson to teach children. When my little one is old enough to start earning an allowance, I plan on implementing a "budget". She will have a Savings bank, a Spending bank, and a Donations bank. A certain percentage of each allowance will go into each one. Managing your money is such an important part of our lives, we should start teaching our kiddos at an early age!

A Major Charity Donation From A 7-Year-Old

8/15/11 03:37 PM

My fiance and I have been searching for a house ever since we found out I was pregnant (due in October!). We thought that we had found the 'perfect' home but, unfortunately, had one of the worst experiences imaginable. We submitted an offer, it was accepted, we signed a contract, handed over our earnest money, and awaited our closing. To our extreme dismay and frustration, our closing date came and went without any word from the agent (represented both seller and buyer). He refused to return phone calls, would hang up on us as soon as he heard our voices, and never bothered to explain the situation (they were unable to obtain a clear title). It wasn't until we hired an attorney that we got any type of appropriate response.
They ended up releasing us from contract, so we're incredibly thankful, but our experience with ERA Kepple-Keene Realtors in Louisville, Kentucky was beyond dismal.
Since then, we have found another house and are enjoying the process of buying our first home much more. We can't wait to start decorating the nursery!!!

The Emotional Business of Buying a Home
8/11/11 01:07 PM

My suggestion would be to save and purchase each mattress when you can afford it. You don't have to purchase them all at once. In the meantime, if you are trying to extend the comfort level, you can purchase green mattress toppers.

Is It Possibly to "Greenify" An Existing Mattress?
Good Question

8/2/11 12:42 PM

I'm going through the same thing right now! My fiance and I are 6 and a half months pregnant and are in the process of renovating our first home before moving in (time crunch - yikes!). So far, every design and decorating decision has been made together, except for the baby's room. The only request he's made is that we have a glider. Otherwise, all of the decisions have been left to me.

Ohdeedads: Where Were You During the Nesting Process?
6/29/11 10:28 AM

I've been putting mustard on/in my eggs since I was about 4 years old... Very tasty! Whole grain gives it the most kick, but dijon tends to give it a bit more overall flavor (garlic, white wine, etc).

Fried Egg Mix-In: Whole Grain Mustard
6/17/11 03:39 PM

Check out the Home Design portion of apartmenttherapy... they posted an article about countertops today... and there's a MUCH better option out there for green countertops than granite... Bamboo!!!

What's a Better Investment? Green Flooring or Counters?
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6/8/11 03:45 PM

While I understand being on a budget and trying to save money, $400 is not a bad quote for the amount of work a carpenter would need to do on this piece. You should consider it an investment. Done well, the 'sideboard' could last you a lifetime.

How To Convert RCA Victrola Into Dining Room Sideboard?
Good Questions

1/19/11 10:47 AM

Love. I want one.

A Berkeley Professor's Tiny Backyard Cottage
1/18/11 06:45 PM


The best and easiest way to do this by yourself is to sit on a couch or bed, lay the child in between your legs with their head closest to you, and place their arms underneath your legs. This allows you to use both hands and is the most comfortable for the child.
I've been a nanny for 12 years and teach all my new parents this trick. Works every time (and is Dr. approved!).

The Snot Sucker

1/11/11 01:55 PM

My first reaction: I cried. I've recently been informed that I can not have children and this post, for me personally, is extremely insensitive and overly dramatic. What, if I only remove these items from my household, I'll be able to conceive? Please show some sensitivity and rewrite the headline.

15 Ways Your Home Can Make You Infertile
This Old

1/4/11 10:22 PM

You're surrounded by so much.... "art", that it's become claustrophobic! What happened to the ART of well thought out design?! Definitely not to my taste. :-/ Hoarding, is what you're very near to be doing.

Marta & Oswaldo Viteri's Vast Story-telling Collection
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9/2/10 10:12 PM

Ummmm... really?!!!! NO. Toddler?!!!!! NO.

Finnian's Montessori Room
8/25/10 12:03 AM