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Not directed to the OP, but to typwc... I have the Skip Hop Duo Deluxe and LOVE it. So much that I would gladly use it as an everyday bag when I no longer need to lug diapers (okay, not for high-fashion events, but it is so easy to be organized with it). And it's unisex so my husband doesn't mind carrying it either.

An Affordable Boxy Diaper Bag for a Petite Mom
Good Questions

3/25/11 11:51 AM

Agreed. And unsurprisingly, those are my two least favorite cleaning projects... First is bathrooms because, gross. And second is floors because they just take forever!

10 Things You Can Tidy In Less Than 10 Minutes
3/25/11 11:44 AM

Also, do you know what doctors do when kids come in with an overdose? They call Poison Control. Not kidding.

Do You Know How To Contact Poison Control?
3/22/11 05:55 PM

We sort of had one... I have eight nieces and nephews, so when my sisters threw me a surprise shower, at least half the gifts were great hand-me-down clothes!

Secondhand Baby Shower
3/16/11 10:08 AM

My mom was also in the "nurture" camp with my older sisters, so she bought them trucks... and proceeded to watch the tender conversations that ensued between mommy trucks and baby trucks. (And both my sisters are now in somewhat male-dominated careers, interestingly enough!)

I figure it goes something like a quote I read once: "Heredity deals the cards, environment plays the hand."

Thinking Outside the Gender Toy Box (or Not)
A Survey on Gender & Toys

3/14/11 02:43 PM

Ridiculously adorable and awesome!

It also seems like the not-quite-so-crafty among us could do something similar with felt and glue, if that much sewing/quilting is intimidating...

Car Playmat by Homemade by Jill
10/28/10 05:28 AM