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@lobita - Totally with you here.

Ideas for a Signature Dish for a Friend's Restaurant? Good Questions
1/15/13 11:23 AM

Picture 6 makes me feel seasick!

Like picture 2 very much though - looks great.

Re-Thinking the Gallery Wall:
10 Funky New Ideas

1/15/13 10:40 AM

Delicious symmetry.

Lauren & Kevin's Urban Jungle Oasis House Tour
1/11/13 03:09 PM

Beautiful home. So relaxing and inviting. I especially love your little kitchen-literature nook - really nice idea....

And the Beyond the Valley of the Dolls poster and the chandelier over the dining table...and the paint colour in your bedroom...and your bedding...

I could go on, but I'll just get more and more gushing so I'll stop.

Grant & Mark Transform a Neglected House House Tour
9/22/12 06:52 AM

Beautiful. Warm and quirky and stylish - just gorgeous. LOVE your use of colour.

I feel so at home looking at your tour - your taste is really similar to my best friend's (complete with little creatures flying around).

@ Granola Suicide - is charity shop an odd term? It's what we call them in the UK as well. The Salvation Army has loads, as do lots of other charities. People donate their old stuff and then it's sold on to raise money for charity. Maybe like your Goodwill?

Christopher's Fine and Feathery Nest House Tour
9/7/12 12:34 PM

The thought of this makes me feel itchy.

Where Can I Find Fake, Decorative Canned Goods? Good Questions
9/7/12 11:58 AM

Beautiful - this has inspired me to face the rest of the day. xxx

Alina's Dar Gitane (Home of the Wanderer) House Tour
9/6/12 08:04 AM

God, this made me cringe. What were you THINKING?!

When I want to read badly-written (frankly, barely literate), cliched and patronising advice, I'll go elsewhere, I promise - PLEASE stick to design.

Why Does My Partner Watch Porn?
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5/12/12 12:19 PM

Did Apartment Therapy censor that picture? Seriously?!

Bare All For Your Valentine: Custom Nude Portraits By Jill K
1/22/12 02:02 PM

I have a plywood and stainless steel kitchen and I absolutely love it. It has a cool industrial edge while still being tactile and it wears in really well. I think plywood is actually really attractive.

Not sure about the whiteboard in the bedroom (first pic), though - too stressy!

Would You Use Plywood as a Design Element?
1/12/12 12:38 AM

Does anyone know if you can get hold of these in the UK?

Wall Pockets: Cardboard Transformed into Chic Storage
1/11/12 11:22 AM

It's hard to tell from the light, but it looks quite aubergine to me. Brinjal by Farrow and Ball is lovely.

What Color Is This Wall?
Good Questions

11/10/11 08:45 AM

I live in a beautiful flat in a slightly run-down building on a a fairly ugly street (though my flat overlooks a gorgeous (to me) industrial art deco building). Most of the other flats in the building are owned by slum landlords and therefore getting anything done about cleaning the place up/getting anything fixed is a nightmare, as they do not give a damn. That said, I could never have afforded to buy somewhere as lovely on a pretty street, and so it's got me on the property ladder and once I'm inside I love it. I think as long as you know it's not a 'forever home' and you feel safe inside, you can put up with a bit of compromise.

Sometimes things do upset me, but reading the other posts here has helped - it's my first owned apartment and I'm not a millionaire. I'm doing OK!

Nice Apartment, Nasty Building: Is it Worth It?
8/11/11 03:11 PM

I think this is great. I'm also a fan of the blue and I really like the plants in the old crate in the kitchen. The whole thing feels really soothing.

@jeannemarie - I think that vase might be from Suck.uk.com. They certainly did something like that.

Michelle & Joshua's Secondhand Compromise Apartment
House Tour

8/9/11 04:51 AM

The doll is potentially excellent but would need to see it in the context of the whole apartment; the boat is all right - depending on the people who live there it could be cringingly try-hard or quite charming, but the others are really very poor. Disappointing post - let's see something irreverent AND stylish, please!

Something Completely Different: Irreverent Design Ideas
6/28/11 02:04 PM

Utterly fantastic. One of my favourite ever house tours. Love too many elements to list, but my favourites are probably your bedroom, which seems like a dream to me, your shower curtain, which is just beautiful, and your sofa, which is just...ridiculously cool.

Tali and Cory's Astro-Polaroid Style
House Tour

6/24/11 12:32 PM

Ah - sorry, I should have read your resources note more carefully. They're genius!

Adam & Daniel’s "Boclectic Craftern" Loft
House Tour

6/15/11 03:32 PM

Love. The sumptuous colours work so well with the industrial architecture and the masses of plants make it feel like a really nurturing space. Really homely and really cool. And I love your bedside lights! Did you make those?

Adam & Daniel’s "Boclectic Craftern" Loft
House Tour

6/15/11 03:31 PM

GORGEOUS. Full tour immediately, please!

Rodellee's Sunny Southern California Style
House Call

6/7/11 05:50 AM

I love this. It's comforting and fun and grown up and irreverent and individual. I instantly like the person who lives here.

Love the bed, love the flashcards, LOVE the outside staircase, love the way the shelves are arranged in the dining space, LOVE the fuck it.

Please adopt me!

Kristin's Hollywood Home in the Historical Il Borghese
House Tour

6/7/11 05:42 AM