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B, I guess.

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6/30/11 02:43 PM

I'm in love with the bedroom

Nicole's Old-World Style Home
4/22/11 03:15 PM

Wonderful! the cosy wood panelling, the large windows, the soft rug... I wanna live there!

Julia's A-Frame
4/19/11 01:55 PM

I just wonder why you're not in the top ten. this is my dream apartment. I wish there were more of such brick-wall large windows flats in Milan!

Rob's Walls of Windows
4/18/11 10:44 AM

great style, personal, colorful and hey - the bedroom is my fave!

Rich's Constantly Changing Home
4/18/11 10:43 AM

does somebody ACTUALLY live there? it looks like a hotel room.

Darren's Usable Space
4/18/11 10:40 AM

Picture #4 shows exactly how my mother dresses up her bed. Of course, she uses only real linen. Recently she asked me to buy some cheap extra bedcloth from Ikea and I answered: are you nuts? your skin wouldn't survive to ikea materials! As for me, the story is totally different. I'm young and I don't want to spend my time dressing up my bed, so I use duvet covers and every morning I just throw the duvet on my bed, which looks a bit sloppy of course. Maybe with time I'll learn to appreciate a good looking bed!

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4/18/11 10:37 AM

Unscented. scented calndes give me headache.

Scented vs. Unscented Candles
1/10/11 04:07 PM

Ok, after seeing the room, I'd go for black.

Which Color Coffee Table for Black & Red Living Room?
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11/15/10 10:01 AM

I like the colour in the main picture. The way it is the table reminds me of pebbles.

Which Color Coffee Table for Black & Red Living Room?
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11/15/10 10:00 AM