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What a great round-up of tips! I love finding new useful ways to clean!

DIY Green Cleaners: Non-Toxic and Cheap!
Best of Spring 2010: Post Roundup

1/2/11 04:30 PM

Who knew salt was so useful? Thanks for the tips!

28 Household Uses For Salt
1/2/11 04:28 PM

She has such great style!

Meet the Editorial Team: Allison Verdoorn
12/21/10 01:34 PM

I would love one of those! Great idea!

DIY Idea: Easy Outdoor Rolling Cart
Anything Pretty

10/15/10 08:55 PM

What a great roundup of vintage toys! How cool!

Vintage Toys: Playful Decoration
10/15/10 08:53 PM

Pretty Pretty!!!

Working With What You Have: Reglazing Honey Oak
Anything Pretty

10/15/10 08:51 PM

My neighbor has a problem right outside her front door- thanks for the information- I will pass it along as a great chemical-free solution!

How To Make a Homemade Wasp Trap
8/11/10 08:37 PM

Very informative!

Bamboo: As Green as You Thought?
8/10/10 11:03 AM

I love the styles Allison found! Hope to see more from her!

Furniture Finds from the Land of Lakes
8/2/10 04:29 PM