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Hastens is all-natural and bio-degradable with no harsh chemicals like memory foam. I think it should also be noted that although Hastens is more expensive than most beds the entry-level beds are quite affordable. If you're looking for value (considering their life-span), natural, comfortable, well-made beds this bed has stood the test of time since 1852. We fit the bed to the person and there are different levels of "softness".

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A Year in Bed

9/15/10 11:31 AM

Maxwell, what a brilliant blog! As for the comments, I think the idea is (like any luxury product) it will be the last bed you'll own, so the investment is in quality of life.

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9/15/10 11:21 AM

The summer plaids works for us!


Preppy Summer Plaids
8/2/10 03:05 PM