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I'm really good at reading about how to get organized. I spend more time preparing to organize than organizing. In fact, in the time I spent typing and submitting this, I could have crossed off an item on my impeccably printed To-Do list. You should see it, it's gorgeous.

You Can Do It: No Fail Ways to Finally Get Yourself Organized
1/26/12 02:30 PM

Sometimes I think Philippe Starck launches items on a dare.

Resolution: Admire Good Design … And Workout More
1/5/12 10:50 AM

"Don't apologize" - This (sorry) is (sorry) me! We've been renovating for 5 million years, so some part of the house always looks like we manufacture and sell our own sawdust and home depot receipts, and I'm always apologizing for it. I'm going to stop.

Resolution: Loving Your Home, Flaws and All
1/4/12 05:46 PM

I love the notion that colors can be out or "look like last year". That people could walk into my house and whisper to each other "Will you LOOK at these walls? SO 2011. My eyes! My eyes!"

Colors are colors, if I like it I like it. Sometimes I regret the color I paint, but oh well, I'll still take all the help I can get, thank you.

Designer's Palette: Using 2012's Color of the Year at Home
1/3/12 03:30 PM

I just had a discussion about this last night! We're in the middle of a crazy remodel, and are trying to get as much done as possible before family comes in from overseas in ONE WEEK (dun dun DUNNNNN).

I just read about the 15 minute de-clutter thing, which I feel like makes cleaning so much more manageable. Still, we have to install a sink, get a hold of our cabinet hardware, and finish as much of this kitchen before I pull my head off.

Get Going: What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do
10/12/11 04:01 PM

I let out a little shreek when I saw that lovely floor tile on the left in the before! I thought you were going to remove it at first. Looks close to what I just put in our first floor and master baths.

LOVE the green on the walls. I'm writing "Adventurine" down! Great job.

Before & After: Two Makeovers, One Month
9/7/11 03:40 PM

Hello. My Name Is A from IsItAHouseYet. Your place is amazing. Prepare to receive compliments.

(no, really - I love this place).

Peaches' Dorothy Draper Meets John Waters Bungalow
House Call

9/1/11 11:48 AM

Waving the green flag of jealousy at each and every one of these.

Color Inspiration: Going Green
8/24/11 10:42 AM

I get a Plinko vibe. I have the urge to drop a coin chip at the top and hope it falls into the $10,000 slot.

Look! Walls of Clay Plots at Letizia's Fiore
8/23/11 02:00 PM

As someone who has spent the last week or so dying and staining our new kitchen cabinets with a formula that we experimented with to get *just right,* I am floored by the fact that some problems have the simplest solutions - A WALNUT!?! Amazing. And brilliant.

How to Quickly & Easily Spruce Up Wood Furniture
8/23/11 12:24 PM

Craftsmans for the win! Love the paneling, love the built in. I'm full of love. I think rooms with dark wood paneling need no lightening up at all - they're cozy, warm and gorgeous. I'd panel my paneling if I could figure out a way to do it. OK that makes no sense but I'm trying to make a point. Great house tour!

Kathryn & David's Mix of Modern & Craftsman Apartment
House Tour

8/18/11 12:26 PM

Hello. My name is A ("Hi A"), and home projects have taken over my life. I currently have the following unfinished projects:
- The kitchen (we're in the middle of a DIY reno - haven't made a home-cooked meal since last November, unless microwaved hot dogs count)
- 2 bathrooms - need to get and install toilets and sinks, tile the shower
- Need to paint what seems like endless walls

We have lived in some stage of remodeling in our home for years and years now. Is it my own fault? Uh huh. Do I ever want to look at a hammer or paint brush again once this is over? Absolutely not.

I reward myself after projects by starting the next one so maybe - just maybe - we'll be finished this year. Sorry for the whining, it's all the wood stain fumes.

When Home Projects Take Over Your Life
8/17/11 05:02 PM

IN LOVE with #2. Serious love.

10 Modern Barstool Options
Product Roundup

8/17/11 09:54 AM

We just finished patching and finishing our kitchen floor and it made me feel like I was back in ballet class. I wanted to forget about kitchen cabinets and just put up a barre and mirrors.

But where I feel most comfortably esthetically are big old libraries - full of gorgeous dark panelling, big tables, dark corners and the smell of leather and paper.

Outside Influences, Favorite Spaces, Unexpected Inspiration
8/16/11 03:21 PM

Love this. When I was being trained, we were told to imagine the bottom of a basket of a hot air balloon is attached to your breastbone. The balloon is lifting up to the sky, so it's pulling you up from the center of your chest. Great for your posture, and keeps you light on your toes. After years hunched over a laptop now, I still try to remember my hot air balloon.

Walk Like a Ballerina: Your Neighbors Will Thank You
8/15/11 05:39 PM

Wait a minute - what makes a city "boring"? I'm genuinely curious. I'm suspicious of anyone who tells me a city/event/location was boring.

Christa Pirl above is right - Oslo is cool. It is filled with wonderful friendly people, beautiful scenery and history.

(Hell, Peoria can be cool. Anyplace can be "cool." The question is can you recognize it or not.)

Must-Sees for Trip to Oslo?
Good Questions

8/13/11 07:51 PM

My boyfriend (now hub) and I once moved our things in garbage bags. The new tenants arrived WAY earlier than they should have. Anything that was not already packed and/or unbreakable was tossed in heaftys.

Don't you think Martha sits around on a Friday night, with empty Chinese take out containers strewn about all around her, wearing an old moth-eaten and stained Hard Rock Cafe Acapulco tshirt, watching Housewives of NJ and yelling at the tv? I really want this to be true.

Packing & Moving: The Martha Stewart Way
8/12/11 03:03 PM

Between Jason today and Summer's fab kitchen posted yesterday (or Tuesday?), I'm digging the Chicago talent this week. Polish sausage and Old Style beer for alls youz guys.

Apartment Therapy's DIY King of Chicago: Jason's Projects
8/11/11 02:29 PM

@ewg109 - I'm pretty sure that's a Stokke chair. (I've got Norwegian relatives who always give them as baby gifts).

Elizabeth & David’s Happily Growing Home and Garden
House Tour

8/9/11 04:28 PM

I want to bite into the kitchen. I think that's a good thing.

Elizabeth & David’s Happily Growing Home and Garden
House Tour

8/9/11 03:22 PM