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Beautiful! I'm going to start calling my style vintage/modern too!

Paul & Katie's Vintage Modern Bellevue Loft House Tour
7/18/14 01:37 PM

I have a MCM dresser in original condition that has a white top with dark wood stain everywhere else. I feel like this is one of its cousins.

Before & After: An Auction Gem Gets Glam
7/17/14 10:37 AM

Love it! I have a 9-yr-old boy and I could totally see him growing up in this grown up Mario room.

An Unexpectedly Chic Super Mario Bros Tween Room My Room
7/17/14 06:19 AM

Lovely home. It really does look inviting. I love that the original tilework in the bathrooms have been left untouhed.

Erik & Paul's Happy Los Feliz Home House Tour
1/5/14 12:48 PM

I want this! Love it. Thanks, AT.

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12/16/13 12:53 PM

Love it! Last years I knitted cardigans and sweaters for my kids and they love them. This year, I'm making a Minecraft quilt for my 8-yr-son.

One Minute Tip: The Oeuf Family's Handmade Gift Tradition Apartment Therapy Videos
11/20/13 05:20 PM

I have done this before for my kids. They do not care where their gifts come from. I am getting them new toys this year, but limiting 3 gifts total per child. That is close to what I have done since they were born because I do not like over consumption.

Why I'm Buying Secondhand Toys This Christmas
11/20/13 04:45 PM

Love this place!!! Love the mini collections. I've never seen so much Clinique in one bathroom.

Reminds me of "So I Married and Axe Murderer" when Mike Myers walks into a really cool apartment and says, "You know what this place needs? A large poster of ..."

CB's Quirky & Personal Duplex House Tour
11/19/13 02:07 PM

Love the rugs.

Tim's Urban Desert Light Box House Tour
11/18/13 01:58 PM

I'm obsessed with your workspace. Love the midcentury vive. Feels fresh, not dated.

Sally Breer's Inspired Functional Chaos Creative Workspace Tour
9/1/13 09:11 PM

I never thought I'd see the McDonald's arch as home decor. Fun! Love the graffiti artwork.

Becky's Americana-Inspired Apartment House Tour
8/20/13 02:12 PM

What a great Indepence Day post! I just love the last photo with the chair. I have a Shaker style, wooden, step stool that I bought on etsy.com for my kids to use at the bathroom sink. I couldn't bring myself to buy a hideous plastic step stool.

Classic American Design: Shaker
American Style

7/4/13 02:05 PM

Cool space! I love that it feel like a real person lives here. Very welcoming in a cool, industrial way.

P.S. I hate to say anything bad but I really distracted by so many out of focus photos or that focused on random things while the main idea was blurry.

Cory's Former Factory Loft in Berlin House Tour
2/27/13 04:22 AM

I'm working on my bedroom right now. Wishing I could enter but unfortunately right now it's an unsightly 1/2 home office while we're taking forever to renovate our real home office space. Maybe next year.

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2/27/13 04:03 AM

Amazing! I'm obsessed with this house. The dark woods, the stunning kitchen, your library off your bedroom...wow!

Kathleen & Matt's California Craftsman House Tour
2/3/13 09:17 PM

I have a similar color pallete in my home so I enjoyed this house tour. I have icy blue walls with white trim and dark reddish wooden furniture. Love the anatomical print! I think my little kids would be terrified of it if I has it in my home.

Josh & Rae's Well Curated Home House Tour
2/3/13 02:42 PM

I bought a small painting that was done on paper from an etsy painter that i love and I was able to get a black gallery style frame from target. I didn't spend much but it makes a wonderful impact and looks expensive!

Day 20: Hang Your Artwork Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/29/13 10:18 PM

Plunger man was probably someone like my husband. I often send him to the store for me because if he says he's getting 3 things he comes home with 3 things. He thinks it's a waste of time and money to get anything else.

It's the Little Things:
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1/24/13 12:09 AM

The photo used in this article makes it all confusing, since it works there.

Neighborhood Etiquette: When Personal Style Becomes Public
7/31/12 11:43 AM

Thanks so much for the inspiration! My nearest Ikea is 6 hrs away so we only go about every other year, but th eir catalog is so inspirational! Thanks for breaking it down, AT.

IKEA 2013 Catalog Preview: Stylists' Design Ideas Worth Stealing
7/20/12 11:33 AM