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"Yes, buy this beautiful Mahogany coffee table for almost a grand... that I've had sitting outside on the wet ground, whatever."

A Well-Traveled Home: Tibetan Basket, Floor Pillow & Thai Wall Hanging The Monday MORNING Scavenger
9/10/12 09:49 AM

What a beautiful makeover! I love the knobs.

Before & After: Restoring a Discarded Dresser Crafty in Canada
8/29/12 06:39 PM

The 'before' artwork... the blue painting, does anyone keep seeing Robert Pattinson? Because I can't help but see him in that painting (and no, I'm not a fan... my brain is just making that connection this morning).

Before & After: Adding a Subtle Wall Color Hommemaker
8/10/12 09:08 AM

I agree with Brittany, you guys read WAY too much into it. For crying out loud.

Modern Dad: John Petersik
6/21/12 11:56 PM

I never really thought of Legos as purely for boys. Plus the original sets are cooler and I would have always chosen knights, ninjas, adventurer, and underwater exploration sets over a kitchen set! Nothing against being in the kitchen but those are way more exciting.

LEGO Friends: Yay or Nay?
1/11/12 11:05 AM

I wouldn't be able to sleep in there!

The King's Cake Bedroom: Purple, Green & Yellow
Behance Network

3/8/11 03:43 PM

Clearly the third picture is for draining blood from your femoral artery. Guess no one but one person on here has watched True Blood...

Furniture Fit for a Vampire by Carmela Laganse
2/4/11 12:19 AM

I do admire it and all the creativity and personality that's in the space... waaaaay too girly-girl for me.

Darian's Darling Glam Den
House Tour

11/2/10 08:35 AM

Aren't they going to need to cord that goes with the iPod to charge it and upload music to it...?

Day 4: Remove One Item and Set Up Outbox
The 20/20 Home Cure

10/21/10 10:08 AM

I like MrMcFacekick's idea of not living in a culture of fear. Statistically more violent crimes and homicides happen to males.

Tips to Help With New Studio Safety Concerns?
Good Questions

10/1/10 08:59 AM

Hmm... wonder where she got her name from? She's from Seattle and she listens to metal... Queensryche anyone?

Subversive Heirloom Quilts from Quiltsr├┐che
8/31/10 11:46 AM

I don't mean to say that everyone has to live the same way. What I mean is that I hardly see the place as a "style." To me, it looks like a bunch of stuff thrown together by some guys that don't really care about their home having a "look."

And I don't mean to be rude but I cannot see the design merit or ingenuity of putting some bar stools at a counter.

Nick, Mikale and Colin's Magical Forest
House Tour

8/2/10 12:30 PM

I do not have a spacious penthouse AT ALL. Haha. I live in an empty two bedroom apartment in Virginia Beach with my new husband and all of our belongings in the apartment fit into the back of a PT Cruiser all the way from Arizona. No elitism here.

The way I view house tours and posts is that I put myself in the picture, I try to imagine how being in such a space would make me feel and I'm trying to replicate some ideas in my own space. When I put myself in these pictures I want to take a shower and I didn't find it inspiring at all. I don't see how this apartment is [therapeutic].

Nick, Mikale and Colin's Magical Forest
House Tour

8/2/10 10:38 AM

I basically said that I really didn't see how this post would be valuable because I look at this site to garner ideas for use in my own home and I really couldn't take anything away from this house tour and that it really isn't the caliber of tours we are used to (maybe it's because I said I felt like I needed a hazmat suit just to look at the tour?). And, my father is a very dedicated musician and you can be focused on music and not have... a pig sty. Hmm, people at AT are very sensitive I guess. But allowing comments (and having a tour such as this) you should be allowed to criticize if the points are on topic and I feel mine were.

Nick, Mikale and Colin's Magical Forest
House Tour

8/2/10 10:06 AM

Whoa, really? AT deleted my post? C'mon, grow up.

Nick, Mikale and Colin's Magical Forest
House Tour

8/2/10 09:36 AM