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I call myself a worm farm collector. I have the worm factory, gusanito and vermihut. The hard-ware design for the worm factory, gusanito and vermihut are essentially the same. The ways to prepare the bedding and feed the worms play important part in air-flow and temperature. This is just a matter of experience.

The new version (the expensive version) of the worm factory may have better air-flow. However, it is not worthy to pay double-price for the little additional air-flow. Just think about it. If you are going to pay double price, you could just pay two units of vermihut or gusanito. The same amount of worms can enjoy lot more air flow for the same amount of worms, and process more food waste. It is just my humble opinion.

Worm Factory vs. VermiHut Composters: Part 2
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8/9/10 06:53 PM