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Ah yes! I got distracted by the beautiful photos. <3

When Everyone In the Village Makes Fish Sauce: A Profile of Sa Chau, Vietnam Maker Tour
6/9/14 01:50 PM

Could we have a link to purchase this fish sauce?

When Everyone In the Village Makes Fish Sauce: A Profile of Sa Chau, Vietnam Maker Tour
6/4/14 05:13 PM

$29 potholder?

*drops mic, walks away*

I Finally Found the Perfect Potholder. And It's Blue Suede, of All Things! Product Review
5/13/14 04:36 PM

I looove her website! So inspiring. I've been following it for jeez now, I think a few years? and it's a great resource for non-fussy, delicious meals. Favorites include: anything indian inspired, and pita breads. Thanks for being awesome!

Beth Moncel's 8 Money-Saving Habits for Better Cooking Kitchen Habits of Good Cooks
1/17/14 02:45 PM


Halloween Food Costumes: Why You May Want To Think Twice! Bon Appétit
10/17/12 12:30 AM

*hangs head*

....olive garden "all you can eat" salad.
I said it.

Is There a Restaurant Salad You Long to Recreate at Home?
6/18/12 11:14 PM

I know that these are the traditional champagne glasses but all I imagine is very flat sparkling wine due to the wide surface area at the top of the glass. I'll keep my flutes :)

Rippled Coupe from Anthropologie
Daily Find

11/22/11 12:34 PM

This just makes me think of this:


Do You Enjoy Decorating the Holiday Dinner Table?
11/19/11 04:08 PM

laffcat- it is sort of like a struedel I think. Pastry-related question.

Can West Elm's Scoop-Back Chair Owners Attest to Strudiness?
Good Questions

11/1/11 01:13 PM

would it give the marshmallows a "chemically"-taste?

Party Idea: Steno S'mores Buffet
6/6/11 01:10 PM

it is really, really easy. I'm surprised thekitchn didn't just post a recipe along with this article. :)

Perfect Match: Grilled Chicken & Thai Sweet Chili Sauce
5/26/11 04:46 PM
here you go jrobards!

Perfect Match: Grilled Chicken & Thai Sweet Chili Sauce
5/26/11 04:40 PM

Oh no! Don't roll off!

Laura's Sophisticated Studio
Small Cool 2011

4/4/11 04:36 PM

Those sandwich bags! Ew! I think the power of suggestion might work for my own sandwiches and I wouldn't want to eat them! :)

OCD Chef Board & Yumbots: 5 Fun Things from FRED
International Home & Housewares Show 2011

3/7/11 01:38 PM

very interesting!

Kitchen Gadgets for the Visually Impaired Cook
3/7/11 01:37 PM

I can't be the only one thinking these would also be good for a risque themed bachelorette party, right?

Yummy Yoga: Yoga Pose Cookie Cutters Now Available
12/14/10 12:09 PM


Nisse Snow Globes: Living with Mythical Scandinavian Creatures
12/10/10 12:06 PM

uh, why isn't honeysuckle the color of honeysuckles?

Pantone's Color of the Year for 2011: Honeysuckle
12/10/10 11:59 AM

just don't feel it. Not a shoes out-in-the-open person. I'd rather cut back on shoes and keep eyes off my clutter.

No Closet? No Problem! Storing Shoes Out In The Open
12/9/10 04:04 PM