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I would love to know the origin of the divan in the living room - it is exactly what I need; for now I have a foam mattress from brazil (interesting size, not quite american single but narrower and a bit longer perhaps) over a wooden base which I rescued from the recycling and to which I added some chrome legs from ikea, I have two of them which make a corner and look simple enough - anyways, if I could have two of the divans you have it would be ideal and even simpler... your space is amazing, thank you!

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3/19/11 11:04 PM

These are amazing rooms. I have a couple of questions: I am looking to buy the chairs in the room "Florence + The Machine: Addicted To Love" -I mean the two armchairs facing the couch in the background... would anyone know the manufacturer? I need them asap to have my living room ready for guests who are arriving in about one week! I live in Montreal, Canada and I am be facing a bit of a challenge but I really like them and it is exactly what my space could accept. I would also love to know who makes the dining table. Thanks!

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7/30/10 07:12 PM