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Oh honey, leave it alone. That bathroom is amazing. It's so vintage and quirky. People would KILL for it. The mural is adorable.

Think Pink

12/8/10 10:51 PM

I'm laughing at islek's Star Trek ornament situation. Two years ago, I bought a white retro tree and did it all in my Star Trek and Star Wars ornaments with kitchy atomic age type stars and things and I loved it. I may do Steampunk this year.
The point is - it's your house, your tree, do what you want with it!

Religious Christmas Decor?
12/1/10 07:18 PM

I'm a teacher. We have a no-phones during class time rule at our high school - which is hard to enforce with texting. For each kid I catch texting, three more get away with it - and I'm good. I'd block cellphone reception in my classroom if I could. I really don't care otherwise. There are plenty of other ways to get messages to kids in emergencies.

Cell Phone Blockers: If You Could, Would You?
8/25/10 01:22 PM

You'll never be happy thinking that they're smoking downstairs, you can't tell them not to smoke with the windows open in warm weather without creating bad feelings. My suggestion is that it *isn't* your perfect place.
I'm a smoker and I know that I'd hit the ceiling if my neighbor made an issue about what I was doing legally in a place I was paying good money to rent.

Should Smokers Downstairs Be a Deal Breaker?
Good Questions

7/30/10 03:12 PM