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I realize the voting for Kelly & Gregory's place on the LA site is over, however I think it's bull sh*t that there are pictures of their 'Case Study' here. Really the Smallest Coolest Apartment contest MUST have better rules and regulations next year. How do you compete with architectural case studies, and professional photography??? Please humor me....

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4/27/07 08:53 AM

Thanks to all that voted for our pad.
I'll try to answer all questions asked...if any are missed it isn't intentional.

Robot - He's our cute little dog. I promise to sneak him in a pic, if there is any hope of moving to the next round.

Paint Colors - Seriously I have no idea! The kitchen/laundry room colors (blue/red) were taken from a Anthropologie catalog photograph. A model was wearing this beautiful Asian inspired top, with similar colors. Loved it, and wanted to paint part of our house to match.
No idea what the living room color is...start at Home Depot, that's all the info I can give you. Cans are long gone.

Cropped Photographs - Sorry about that. Our home is so tiny, it's hard to get all the great elements in one photo. It's not a wide open space like some studios, so it makes it more difficult to capture wide angles.

Queen Pillow - Ebay.

Home Work - Nope, we both work away...although we both do a bit of freelance work here.

Fat Wallets - Fat Chance. It's really difficult to design a home with a small bank account. We are always making minor improvements. We rent, so it's silly to throw tons of money at our place when those design choices won't necessarily come with us if and when we move.

Thanks again. Please let us know if you have more questions, we'll try to answer back.

A., S., & B.

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4/25/07 06:13 PM


#9 Kelly & Gregory’s - Lil’ Italy Conversion
4/20/07 04:41 PM

I really like the tiles, but I'd like to know how sustainable they are? Wouldn't cement have been much more sustainable, and cheaper? (it would have had a similar contemp. look and feel)

#9 Kelly & Gregory’s - Lil’ Italy Conversion
4/20/07 02:13 PM


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4/19/07 02:33 PM

Visually this looks bigger than 600 sq.

#6 Eric and Lauren's Reborn Bungalow
4/17/07 01:32 PM

For wall fabric...

#5 Jamie's One Bedroom Bungalow
4/16/07 11:51 AM

"...most things in the apartment we make from scratch."

Wow, that's funny because there is nothing in your apartment. A few murals...big deal. Unless you made the furniture, then I'd be impressed. I too know were Home Depot is.

But don't get too down, you could always start a career, working as hotel decorator...just a thought. Good luck.

#3- Eric and Ammo's Eye-catching Abode
4/12/07 06:34 PM