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We have a similar solution to @aslinsky!

My husband is a UK size 14/15, which is a US 15 or 16. But in the UK he has such trouble finding shoes that he actually doesn't have that many! Work shoes and one pair of trainers live out and about (normally under a poang arm chair in the living room. His sports shoes live with sports bags and things, his summer sandals go into seasonal storage (and only really get used on holiday so tend to stay there!) and his wellies live in a weird cupboard.

I have smaller feet and smaller shoes, so all my shoes live in one place and stay "out" all the time. I think oftentimes a different, more dispersed solution works better for huge shoes.

Storage Ideas for Very Large Shoes? Good Questions
9/25/13 06:00 AM

If you were in the UK, I'd recommend this (with round roll for your sandwich and a cloth napkin to avoid sogginess. The closest US thing I could find is this

What's the Best Reusable Wrap for Keeping My Sandwich Warm and Non-Soggy? Good Questions
9/18/13 07:05 AM

I think the point about key racks and white noise machines are more about ways to get yourself set up right that can then be transferred from apartment to apartment... Neither thing is essential to me (although I should have a better system for my keys than rifling through coat pockets...)

My five things I'd invest in if I was doing it all again?
1 - Good quality ratchet screwdriver with interchangeable heads (buy a head that fits Ikea furniture!). Augment with hammers, drills etc when you need them
2 - One good cooking pan. I acquired my thick-bottomed lidded saucepan in a roommate break up (they stole my frying pan) and I love love love it. As someone said above, I wouldn't invest in any breakable / scratchable kitchen stuff until you're done sharing with friends. It's just not worth the upset.
3 - A bowl or two you love to serve as a catch-all for tiny bits and pieces of junk. I find this helps keep horizontal surfaces clear from all that random toot.
4 - Good pillows. They won't last you forever but they're worth it.
5 - A blanket / throw / quilt you love, it will help with all sorts of ugly sofas and give you that "home" feeling wherever you are.

(I'm not sure about investment linens, but that might be because once I finally invested in a decent double duvet cover, I met my now-husband almost immediately afterwards and soon bought a bigger duvet to accomodate both of us and had to start all my linens from scratch.)

Apartment Essentials: 5 Items to Carry From Your First Apartment To Your Last
9/11/13 06:27 AM

What about a loft bed from Ikea instead?

But, yeah, what someone else said - arrive and see how you feel! That might feel small now but your life will look very different and a cosy calm crashpad might be all you need.

Ideas for Creating a Multi-Level Platform for Small Apartment? Good Questions
6/11/13 12:24 PM

When I switch my clothes winter to summer, I put anything that's the wrong size but worth keeping in with the out-of-season stuff. In some ways it is out of season - it's the wrong season of my life! (I just fit back into some summer dresses that haven't fit me for a few years, YAY!)

Would You Organize Your Closet By Size?
6/11/13 10:52 AM

@shayna - celeriac remoulade is as common as coleslaw in France but I've never really found it in the UK! Here's a recipe that I want to try out from Nigel Slater

Train Station Sandwiches: My European Travel Necessity
6/6/13 11:29 AM

My partner is obsessed by this weird sandwich we've only ever seen in French service stations - it's chicken, egg and burger sauce (I think it might have ham and cornichons too?), served in a weird bun-like sub-roll. It's about the least foodie thing you can imagine, but he loves it. (I opt for the celeriac remoulade and a plain ham sandwich!)

Train Station Sandwiches: My European Travel Necessity
6/5/13 12:06 PM

I agree with everyone who says paint the space white if you can! I'd put hooks all up the stairs, within reach but just above shoulder height for hats and leashes and umbrellas etc, like this: (but not pictures!) or this (but less ridiculous hooks!) or this - I'd make sure the hooks looked pretty with nothing on them though!

How are you fixed for drying space? A shiela's maid could be a great use of the vertical space:

I love the chandelier idea, but I think if you were going to hang the bike on a pulley system then directly above the door makes the most sense (so you're not doing tricky maneuvers with it while standing halfway up the stairs!). If that makes the view through the window too fugly, you could add lace to the window using cornstarch like this - this would still let the light through and is nice and removable.

Or you can ditch function and turn it into an art gallery like this

How Can I Use This 2-Story Apartment Staircase Entryway? Good Questions
4/30/13 06:27 AM

Is there a fan / vent in the laundry room? If so I think your best bet would be working out a secure and private way of venting out of that window. Something like this:

How To Rid Window-less, Fan-less Bathroom of Mold & Mildew? Good Questions
4/23/13 11:15 AM

I made my mum this quilt when she was hospitalised last year -

Lip balm was something my mum couldn't live without in hospital, and her radio.

The hotel room had a fan but she'd have needed one if it didn't.

Home Away From Home: Making a Hospital Stay More Comfortable
4/18/13 12:00 PM

I think the best bet would be to attach fold down legs to the end of the table. You could follow Ana White's instructions here:

Otherwise, (or unless you create a gateleg) the whole thing is going to tip over (unless you plan on storing rocks in the drawers)

Help a Beginner DIYer: How to Support 25lb Sewing Machine on Drop Leaf? Good Questions
4/16/13 06:43 AM

If it were my house, I'd either paint it the same shade of red as the brick houses on the street, or stain it like others have suggested. I also think it would maybe benefit from some trim down the transition with the house next door to help it look "finished" (unless you do choose to go red).

Can I Paint Over Exterior Stone Veneer? Good Questions
4/12/13 04:48 AM

My location is killer but the flat itself has some downsides. I'd love to move to a place within a tiny radius!

Making a \"Small\" Move: Is It Worth It?
4/10/13 05:22 AM

I think this room would look great with bright white walls, gauzy white window treatments and lots of plants!

Tips to Brighten My Living Room? Good Questions
4/9/13 07:07 AM

We have this ikea mulig one - it is perfect - you can see it in use here:

It has an incredibly large surface area, but is also really flexible. We tend to have one side with all the "shelves" up and use the other side for shirts on hangers. I also like that you can have a large flat area to dry pillows or a special sweater.

I like the way it's so sturdy that it doesn't actually look that bad in the living room (we have a large cupboard where it fits when folded flat, but it would also go under the sofa).

5 Drying Racks for Life Without a Dryer Renters Solutions
3/28/13 07:38 AM

Lots of good ideas in this thread:

How Do I Keep My Apartment from Becoming a Sauna? Good Questions
3/13/13 07:30 AM

I'd think heat blocking curtains would help if you shut them during the hottest part of the day – could you try it out with heavy cardboard or something for a few days to see if it makes a difference?

Heat reflective lining is available by the yard and you can get it in white. Make sure to check which side should face out and which side should face in.

If you just use fans you need to think strategically about where you put them (to create as much through draft as possible). In our heat wave last summer we put the fan in the window in the evening to draw air in, and if we'd had another we'd have put it pointing out of the second window in the bedroom.

How Do I Keep My Apartment from Becoming a Sauna? Good Questions
3/13/13 07:28 AM

If you could find a wooden single drawer unit, you could put that on top of the corbel instead of the table top, thus gaining a drawer. This sort of thing but bigger!

DIY Idea: An Affordable Nightstand Perfect for Small Spaces Little Green Notebook
2/8/13 05:07 AM

Benita said in the original post: "Lego was such a huge part of Wille’s life for over ten years and he wants to keep it all but it does take up SO much space." - if you read her blog you'll know she's pretty ruthless when it comes to donating stuff or giving it away, so this stuff obviously means a lot. I think we're all allowed an heirloom or two!

Organization Inspiration: How to Keep Small Items Organized and Accessible Chez Larsson
2/7/13 11:26 AM

For other people planning to cater a wedding, this cook book is dishes (including quantities) for 60 people:, which might take out some of the guess work!

A Homey Budget Wedding Meal for 120: The Wedding Dinner Homemade Weddings
1/29/13 05:47 AM