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when I had my first son I said was going to do this 6 years and 2 more kids I still have not done it. I am going to def. going to do it this YEAR!!!!

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3/23/12 08:43 PM

Wow! I love the ship on the cake. very nice :)

Best Kids Parties: Nautical My Party
2/28/12 06:31 PM

I soooooooooooo Love this!!! I wanted to buy one now so i can redo it for my little girl :) thanks for sharing!!!

Before & After: A Little Tikes House Gets a Paint Job
9/8/11 01:00 PM

I Love the idea!! It just makes me a little less fearful for the kids...

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9/3/10 03:36 PM

aww!!! How cute!!

My Party: Miles
Victoria, AU

8/26/10 10:07 PM

I am in LOVE with the bookcases. It's so cozy I just want to grap one and drink a cup of joe on a cool Autumn day :). Now I'm wonder how I could get one into my home...

Kerri & Luke's "Bang for Your Buck" Bungalow
House Call

8/20/10 12:02 AM

I do! I love my Mr. Tall Tree LOL and he seems to like it :) ....

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7/29/10 02:16 PM