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haha my dogs feet totally smell like corn chips too, when i googled it they said its due to the bacteria and yeast on their feet.

How To Clean a Rug with Snow
1/7/14 09:24 AM

this is where the pic is from maybe they could tell you the paint color?

Similar Dusty Blue Paint Colors? Good Questions
9/3/13 08:42 AM

peeing in the shower is fine but my toothbrush has to be in the closed medicine cabinet. that whole thought that bacteria from your poo goes ten feet around the toilet when you flush? *gag* my toothbrush cannot be left out in the open or i'll buy a new one

Home Habits: The Gross-o-Meter
7/9/13 08:26 AM

there are two kinds of people in this world: ones who pee in the shower and ones who lie about it.

Home Habits: The Gross-o-Meter
7/8/13 02:41 PM

i was just thinking about this the other day as i was walking through the house at 1am for a bathroom break. as i walked through our admittedly small imperfect living/dining room i felt and overwhelming sense of gratitude and comfort. the chairs had been pulled closer to the coffee table so everyone could reach the pizza and the blankets and throw pillows were all askew, nothing is mid century modern or rustic chic, it would never be in a magazine. i just felt so at home and comfortable, i wouldnt give up the feeling of our home for any mcmansion in the world.

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7/3/13 02:08 PM

this has nothing to do with the party but your niece and i have the same name! and shes adorable

Lu's Big Day: Part One Party Planning Diary
5/14/13 03:11 PM

must have white noise playing and my hubby by my side to sleep

Tell Us: What Helps You Fall Asleep?
1/31/13 12:39 PM

first of all beautiful designs and second KUDOS to @aldo.kuva for being so professional and responding so kindly when faced with an offensive commenter. If you don't like the design don't buy it simple as that

Aldo Tornaghi & Ab Oosterwaal - Booth #30 Design Showcase 2012
9/27/12 08:21 AM

oh I definitely vote for the traditional red

What Color Persian Rug for Our Living Room? Good Questions
9/19/12 12:13 PM

sigh. I bought a beautiful pale blue couch from ashley furniture 3 years ago. Unfortunately for the couch I have a penchant for rescuing animals. That stupid blue couch does not hide one speck of dirt. Next time I'm buying a brown/grey couch so the dirt wont be so visible.

Great Architectural Details Plus
Pale Blue Petries Roommarks

9/19/12 12:12 PM

love this

Before & After: Bedroom Dresser is Painted No More Redoux Interiors
6/18/12 11:34 AM

This Monday we had put down my kitten (only 3.5 years old) and its heartbreaking. We buried him in the yard and i bought some bleeding heart plants to put near the little grave. Give your mom a hug for me this is an awful thing to go through.

Dog Days: Remembering Past Pets at Home
4/26/12 11:35 AM

white noise light on my droid, set to crickets. best app ever, i can't sleep without it

White Noise & Your Brain: The Science of Sound Machines
3/28/12 10:41 AM


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3/16/12 03:40 PM