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My recent experience with Lexington Modern is similar to KChow's; poor/unresponsive customer service & delayed shipping. I ordered counterstools back in early June from Lexington, was charged for them on my credit card, but never received shipping information. I sent an email to check on the order about a week later & never received a response. I followed-up with a call and was told (by the lackadaisical customer service guy) that the counterstools were on backorder & would not be available until the end of July. I was shocked since I hadn't been notified of the backorder & my card had already been charged for something that wasn't going to be available for another 8 weeks. Customer service told me that they had to charge my card in order secure the backorder. Now that it's the end of July, I sent several emails to check on the order & never received a response. I followed up with calls to customer service & received vague responses until I insisted on a specific shipping date & they told me that the stools were in the warehouse & would ship "any day". More than a week has gone by since then & they have only just now finally shipped. I only found this out by calling every day this week to check on it, since they do not respond to email.

I have no idea how Lexington received such a good rating on ebay. I, for one, will not be shopping with them again.

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