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Why does IKEA make these in such a way that the doors don't meet up properly? How hard can that be?

How To Make an IKEA Hack \"Fauxdenza\" Apartment Therapy Tutorials
3/11/14 03:51 PM

The reason I wouldn't organize by color has nothing to do with being able to 'find a particular book', that's a straw-man argument I think. The problem is that if you want to look at your books that deal with graphic design, for example, or with Victorian fashion, they are scattered all over the shelves. The color system's adequate when you want to locate a specific volume, but not so useful if you go to your shelves for general inspiration.

Really, It's Ok to Arrange Books By Color Slate
2/13/14 03:26 PM

A girl needs a pink room like a fish needs a bicycle.

Gender Neutral Color Case Study: Green
1/20/14 05:38 PM

A lovely place. I would be tempted to try and squeeze my bed into that closet but you've embraced the 'studio-ness' of the place, which is great.

Jesica's Mix & Match Studio House Tour
12/5/13 04:11 PM

miranar, I also noticed the 'pink, obviously'. It's odd how obligatory that color has become for girls now. When I was growing up (in the 70s) it was assumed each girl had a favorite color, but not that they'd all have the same one...

Before & After: From Trailer Trash to Trailer Treasure
9/29/13 04:52 AM

''what OUR favorite color says about YOU and the world around US''--really? Please AT, can't we do better that that for you and us?

What Our Favorite Color Says About You and the World Around Us
9/26/13 08:16 PM

I just have to say the euphemism ''on-trend'' is a pet peeve of mine. I get that it's for when you want to say ''trendy'' without the negative connotations, but is anyone actually taken in by it?

Nine New Colors from Farrow & Ball Farrow & Ball
9/9/13 01:59 PM

vonstamp, it's not arrogance or American-centric, I suppose not knowing me I can see how it would come off like that but I'm not a 'foodie' at all and I grew up in my original war-torn Middle Eastern country--it's habituation and preferences formed from decades in the SF Bay Area. Like, in 5 years I've tried so much cheese from so many different sources in London and it IS saltier here.

And as for mushiness I don't know how to explain it perfectly but if you've got a bunch of ingredients to make a dish out of, you can either try to bring them together in a way that emphasizes their sameness (fruit jam) or their differences (fruit salad), and in the UK it's more likely to be the former. For example it's not uncommon for a cheese sandwich to be made of grated cheese, mixed with mayo or relish, and scooped into the bread like egg salad.

Anyone who's had a decent burrito in London please let me know where, if I'm wrong I'll be glad and grateful to know. I've been to Chipotle, Adobo, Tortilla, Chilango, and so many others...

Life in London: 10 Tips for Surviving & Thriving
8/20/13 09:38 AM

The shape is classic and dark grey is timeless, it's only the white-washed oak that gives me pause; that's the part that might look dated in the future.

Are French Round-Back Chairs Timeless Classics? Good Questions
8/20/13 08:16 AM

Hm. I don't know where the writer is from, though clues like ''pop'' and the comment about London being close to the States make me reasonably confident it's not the West Coast. As a San Franciscan in London I must say even after 5 years I can't get used to the food. Most things are too mushy or too salty or both. Even the difference between, say, Thai food in London and Thai food in SF is quite striking. And can't get a decent burrito nohow...

Still and all, totally worth it to get to live here and I suppose it motivates me to cook at home a bit more.

Life in London: 10 Tips for Surviving & Thriving
8/20/13 06:34 AM

I'm still unclear why there couldn't have been photos sent beforehand, why the place had to be decided on 'unseen'?

How Much Are You Willing To Pay To Live Somewhere You Like?
8/19/13 01:06 PM

Is it really 300 square feet? Like, 20% bigger than Maxwell's famous apartment?

Nathaniel's Nautical Nursery Nursery Tour
8/7/13 01:37 PM

People keep mentioning pillows but I think the sofas would look worse with pillows on them. If you can get the sofas to face each other rather than be at 90 degrees that would help, I think.

How To De-Bachelorize Boyfriend's House? Good Questions
7/16/13 11:22 AM

People actually send out pregnancy announcements? And then another round of birth announcements? Are there miscarriage announcements?

Clever Photo Pregnancy Announcements
5/16/13 04:24 PM

Also, if you mean ''trendy'' just say it. "On-trend'' is ridiculous.

Peter Som Rug from Surya High Point Spring Market 2013
4/22/13 01:53 AM

I can't remember ever having given a straight couple a gift that focuses on their heterosexuality. Like, a pillow with a man and woman on it or something like that. These gifts focus on the 'same-sex' part of same-sex marriage, rather than the marriage part.

P.S. 'Lui' means 'him', not 'his'.

Same Sex Wedding Gifts:
Plates, Pillows & Paper Dolls for All

3/29/13 01:59 PM

''As soon as I walk in I'm struck by the antique stuffed dear head mounted on the wall''

Ouch, gotta moved that deer head...

Arjen's Dutch Curiosity Kitchen Kitchen Tour
3/29/13 03:55 AM

The steel bed is so lovely. And I smile at the idea of a guy at the park calling out, "Tuna! Tuna!''

Jeff's Super Small & Stylish Guest House House Tour
2/26/13 04:43 PM

The first thing she says is that he is the proud owner of an iphone, then the next thing she says is that she owns it and he is just borrowing it.

And I agree with others about the needless cussing, like ''stay the hell out of the crossfire'' which would have worked just as well with no hell.

What Do You Think of This Mom's iPhone Contract For Her 13 Year Old Son?
1/20/13 04:06 PM

"Exudes restraint" is a funny phrase.

Kimmy & Nathan's Art Driven Loft
House Tour

11/19/12 04:41 PM