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They're pricey, but the Westminster Teak umbrellas hold up very well...and big, you can cover an entire porch with their big one. The really cool part is that they are built to collapse if too much pressure is put on one of the arms, it has a rivet that shears so the pricey teak arm doesn't break. That alone is worth the money because I've gone through 3 cheap ones before I ponied up the dough for the 118 inch model. I could have bought theirs first and actually saved money now that I think about it. Ugh.

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7/28/10 03:40 PM

Thanks to Josh above I bought the Westminster Teak tiles and I couldn't be happier. Very sturdy. And you can custom cut them with a simple circular saw, heck my wife was helping so it wasn't hard at all. Every piece that we cut we could reuse to brace the bottom with some two-part epoxy. Our deck looks awesome now! Everybody thinks it was a professional install and I'm nowhere near a carpenter lol

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7/28/10 03:34 PM