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I thought this home was lovely. Not really my style but very relaxed, love the colors and cheefulness, and all of the plants in the bedroom.

Christopher's "el Corazon" Mission Flat
House Call

10/26/10 11:53 PM

I love it. Knew I would when I saw the first preview shot. I like the photo mobile-going to have to do that one myself-going to be hard to pick which ones though to include. Personally I love the couch and the color of it, I've been looking at one myself.

Amna & Paul Paint It Bold
House Tour

8/19/10 04:01 PM

Oh my...its like a dream. I could definitely see myself spending all day in a space like this. Beautifully done!!

Robin's Gorgeously Green Artist Barn
House Tour

8/18/10 10:59 AM

My favorites are the clocks in the alcove (wish I could find some like those!) and the bedroom which looks so cozy and inviting.

Michael's Laid Back Cottage
House Tour

8/7/10 05:09 PM

Very charming!

Sarika's Studio Apartment
House Call

8/7/10 05:06 PM

I like how clean it is but its still warm and friendly. Nice job!

Mia’s Ashbury Heights Abode
House Call

8/6/10 01:50 AM

I love all of the brick as well-I'd love to have that in my home. I think the art is fantastic-you can never have enough imo. The one and only thing that gets to me is the office space. I don't think I could get anything done with all of the exposed clutter sitting above the computer. I can understand about lack of space but I think I'd try to get something to hide it or at least make it appear less like clutter if possible-maybe magazine boxes or something. Otherwise I LOVE your place!

Kate & Cameron Surrounded by Art
House Tour

8/4/10 01:43 PM

WOW..... (Can you say House Tour!!)

Amanda & Derrick's Loft (& Ada's Cabin!)
House Call

7/30/10 07:34 PM

You have such a beautiful home and a beautiful family. I love the cheerfullness of it all.

Alisha's Bright White Guest Cottage
House Tour

7/29/10 03:12 PM

What an awesome space! I love the colorfulness, the playfulness, and the lockers-super!

Tallulah's Colorful Nursery
Nursery Tour

7/28/10 02:19 PM

This is so awesome! I am trying for another and hope I can remember to try this!

Mila's Daydreams

7/28/10 12:38 PM

Yay Portland! I love driving the neighborhood streets of Portland. So many beautiful houses with tons of character. I love the dark wood, though normally I'm not crazy about it, it fits your home well. I especially love your dining area and kitchen. Charming!

Brad, Lis & Meade's Light-Filled Bungalow
House Tour

7/28/10 12:35 PM