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This makes so much sense. I'm definitely going to start doing this! And storing food DOES make more sense than just saving money. If there is a serious grid-down scenario b/c of a disaster, grocery stores will be emptied in a matter of hours and looting will be going on, too. It's best to hunker down in your own house and defend your space instead of venturing out with all the crazy people who DIDN'T have a plan. Also, get a gun. Sounds crazy, but better safe than sorry. It's better to have one when you don't need it, than not have one when you do need it.

How To Start a Food Storage Plan On $10 A Week
2/10/11 11:21 AM

We registered for Lenox "Aspen Ridge" at Macy's and LOVE it. It's porcelain (microwave, dishwasher & oven safe), dinner plates are $22 (but almost always on sale), and it's a soft white color. It feels like fine china, but it's affordable and good for everyday use.

Best Everyday China 2010
11/10/10 02:28 PM

I love every kind of onion... especially red. I put them in just about everything I cook... even if it doesn't call for onions. They make everything better!

What's the Difference? Yellow, White, and Red Onions
10/22/10 03:53 PM

I love the wallpaper, but the furniture is so awful.

Is anyone else a little worried that his desk has nothing on it??

President Obama's Redesigned Oval Office
New York Times

9/1/10 10:50 AM


I <3 1 & 4!!

Color Quiz: Which Palette is Which?
Sherwin Williams 2011 Color Forecast

7/28/10 11:59 AM