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u know they mean business when even their dog matches the white decor.

The UNstudio Collector's Loft
Tech Tour

10/19/10 05:26 PM

it does, indeed look great.

Before & After: The Forgotten Family Room
Electronic House

10/15/10 02:54 PM

did they suddenly inherit millions of dollars?

Before & After: The Forgotten Family Room
Electronic House

10/15/10 12:29 PM

looks good, but this voids the warranty.

Add a Metal Back to Your iPhone 4
10/15/10 12:28 PM

7 and 8 look like they were pulled from an entirely different top ten list.

Things We Love & Hate About Desktop Computers
10/14/10 05:42 PM

looks like an episode of Hoarders....??

Claire's Artsy & Colorful Desk
10/12/10 02:15 PM

And I say that as someone who owns two such Samsung products. And seven inches? Why??

and when apple releases a smaller ipad at 7 inches....will you change your tune?

Tablet Wars: Will the iPad Be Dethroned?
9/27/10 12:52 PM

i met someone this summer who had EVERY transformer toy. from every generation. from Generation 1 to the animated line, to the movie line toys. most of which were still mint in the boxes. he sold them to one person last year for 18 grand.

so, i guess it pays to keep them in good condition.

Valuable Collections: Do You Display Or Tuck it Away?
9/22/10 04:52 PM

netflix: less than ten bucks a month, streams to my mac, iphone, HD tv, ps3. easy to use UI. no need to buy extra hardware. my ps3 streams all my media from my computer as well.

Internet TV vs. Set Top Box Syndrome
9/16/10 03:49 PM

they should have made this the new shuffle, and kept the old form factor of the old nano. why would they take out the camera? i really liked that.

iPod Nano Review And Car Install
Unplggd Test Lab

9/13/10 03:51 PM

the droid and samsung pics are pretty bad.

Is Your Camera Phone Your Only Digital Camera?
9/10/10 04:06 PM

theres cords all over; see three cords in the first pic alone.

The 98% Cordless Home Office
9/3/10 12:54 PM

will the microcell work with only 3g? what about the inevitable 4g?

Improving Cell Phone Reception At Home
8/27/10 04:57 PM

thats a handy tip for lunch, thanks!

The Microwave Chef: How to Poach an Egg
8/26/10 03:08 PM

this is probably the worst thing you could do. living with roommates/friends is indeed fun, but alot of people are clueless when it comes to banking, bills, responsibility. asking them to work with bank accounts, due dates, withdrawals, credits.....that just compounds the problem.

i was really surprised at how many past roommates (adults) i had that didnt even have a checking account, and couldnt even figure out how one worked.

Roommate Tip: Joint Banking Account to Prevent Problems
8/20/10 12:47 PM

when was this picture taken? i see a dreamcast, psONE, and vhs tapes??

Doubling the Capacity of IKEA LACK TV Shelving
8/16/10 09:01 PM

i like apple products alot. i hate apple fanatics and apple apologists.

What's the Most Hated Tech Brand?
8/13/10 12:14 PM

after rereading this post and all the pretty sure this article was written from this perspective to instigate comment counts. no one could be as shallow a person as this author projects.

Do You Judge a New Date by Their Tech?
8/12/10 01:37 PM

"But if you invite me over and I spy not one, but two game consoles set up to your TV, I'm out the door."

Do You Judge a New Date by Their Tech?
8/11/10 12:29 PM


Heat, Cold Could be the Next Game Controller Features
8/10/10 02:58 PM