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My inlaws have a carved wooden head of my FIL's uncle. It was carved and painted it to look just like him. It's about 3/4 the size his actual head was. What's really great is there is a picture of Uncle Ory in a suit sitting next to The Head wearing a suit. :)

Weird Decor: What Are Death Masks?
7/29/14 08:28 PM

We used the Stanley bed from for my son's "big boy bed". It has a similar look as well:

The Look for Less: Madelyn's Bedroom on a Budget
5/8/14 03:28 PM

As long as I've got a vegetable and/or fruit included with the meal, I feel like it's a victory. I must admit that a little part of me dies inside when I hear of some child's adventurous eating habits (sushi at 2! any vegetable you can imagine! not a nugget to be seen!). My 4 year old was definitely a better eater before he could voice his opinion -- not necessarily a picky eater but he will tell you he's "not a fan of broccoli". (He doesn't like French fries or potato chips either -- we're still trying to figure that out). I still cook it and put it on his plate and attempt to coerce him into just one little bite (seriously kid! cheese sauce!). Some day, he'll eat broccoli. Or he won't and he'll only eat peas and green beans and that will be OK. His dad's not much of a fan of broccoli either...

You're Doing It Right: Feeding Your Kids You're Doing It Right
4/25/14 12:52 PM

I vividly remember sitting in the floor of the living room in the house where I lived from ages 4-13 as the movers loaded the van. My mom was in the old recliner that wasn't going and my sisters and I were on the floor and all of us were crying. None of were wanting to move the 120 miles to our next house and I know we let my poor dad know exactly how miserable we felt about the move for the months leading up to it (we were 17, 13, & 12 and very good at drama).

My parents moved next when I was in college--less traumatic as I hadn't lived at home in 4 years but I still get nostalgic about my hometown (that town we envisioned being so dreadful when I was 13) as I haven't been back in 15+ years. They've moved several times since then so it has been a long time since I've had a "home" to go to. I gave my mom a sign after their cross-state move (which in TX is a long move) that reads "Home is Where Your Mom Is".

My husband's parents have lived in the same house for close to 50 years -- the glow-in-the-dark stickers he put on the ceiling of his room when he was 12 are still there almost 30 years later (my father-in-law has repainted all the rest of the house many times except for that ceiling). I love that my little boy knows his dad's room growing up. I don't feel like the house we live in now is our "forever" home (my husband may have other ideas) but I love the idea of having roots and those memories of a house and hopefully, the happy times within it.

When Your Home is Like a Member of the Family
4/10/14 03:52 PM

I live in NM where the increase in the price of limes was front-page news a couple of weeks ago. However shall we drink our margaritas without limes?!? (I'm fine without the lime garnish but I do need the salt on the rim.)

Have You Noticed That Limes Are Suddenly Crazy Expensive? Ingredient Intelligence
4/10/14 01:18 PM

We pretty routinely drive 4ish hours to visit family with our preschooler. A couple of stops to stretch and you should be good to go.

Surviving a Road Trip: 5 Tips to Get You to Your Destination With Your Sanity
4/10/14 01:17 PM

We've driven from Albuquerque to a town about 2 hours southwest of Houston -- 2 drivers and it was about 16 hours with stops (850 +/- miles and we might have been going a little fast at times). In the summer, it wasn't so bad because it was light so much longer. When we drove it in the winter, we had to take a different, longer route (roughly same length of time to drive because you can legally go fast on I-10) and yeah, we were pretty punchy by the time we got to my parents' house.

Surviving a Road Trip: 5 Tips to Get You to Your Destination With Your Sanity
4/10/14 01:15 PM

Add my 4 year old to those who insist on measuring all the things. Fixing the bathroom faucet? Not until he's measured it thoroughly along with all the other things in the bathroom. We give him a little notepad to jot down his "measurements". He's also pretty enthusiastic about sweeping with his little broom.

Home Renovation, 7-Year-Old Style
4/10/14 01:12 PM

Ha! My husband gave me a the flingshot screaming monkey for Mother's Day two years ago. In his (slight) defense, he thought I'd purchased something nicer for myself as a "mother's day gift" and got this as a funny gag to go along with the jewelry that I actually had not gotten. So, yeah, the only thing I got that year was a screaming monkey and a frightened toddler. :)

Fling Sock Monkey
4/8/14 09:40 AM

Four year old boy. I'm trying but I'm afraid I might die on that mountain.

I like the gallery wall look. Maybe in a powder room that is off-limits to four year old boys...

5 Beautiful Bathroom Gallery Walls
4/4/14 12:40 PM

And I just realized what day it is...

Pantone Announces Seasonal Schedule & New Color for Spring 2014!
4/1/14 11:07 AM

I don't think I've ever heard the adjective "radiant" used in combination with okra but I like the color. I used a similar color in my son's bathroom -- very cheery color but makes one look a little sallow if attempting to apply makeup. :)

Pantone Announces Seasonal Schedule & New Color for Spring 2014!
4/1/14 11:06 AM

Ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream is what got us through three different remodel projects.

Tips For Keeping Your Relationship Healthy through a Renovation Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/31/14 02:39 PM

Re #13: It comes down to the understanding of "are you here to see us or are you here to see the sites?" When we visit my husband's brother and his family, we are usually there to see them so we schlep along to soccer games and school carnivals and whatever else they are doing. If we are visiting and essentially using the house as a cheap place to crash (or have visitors who are doing this), we don't have the expectation that they want to come along to my son's taekwando lesson and grocery shopping. A list of suggestions of things to do, a house key, and meet for dinner (our treat).

How To Be a Great Host: 13 Tips
3/31/14 02:37 PM

I don't remember my mom hanging any artwork in our rooms when we were little although there was probably something on the walls (our names maybe?). I do remember my younger sister and I hanging all the animal posters we received with our Scholastic Book Orders in our room when we were in elementary school. In high school, I had a big poster of Troy Aikman because :swoon: and a bulletin board of treasures.

What Art Do You Remember from Your Childhood Bedroom?
3/21/14 02:15 PM

For my son's recent 4th birthday party, we did a Curious George Pizza Party at our house. I was going to go more 'all out" in transforming our house into Chef Pisghetti's restaurant but a family emergency kept that from happening. And since it was at our house, we could conveniently reschedule when the birthday boy woke up sick on the day of his party.

Did a load of balloons (just blown up, not even with helium), some red/white check table covers, little chef hats/aprons gotten inexpensively from Oriental Trading Co for the kids (also served as party favors), and let the kids (and grown-ups) make their own pizzas. Kids ran around with balloons, adults visited, good time was had by all. Probably not "pin-worthy" but easy and fun.

Throwing The \"Perfect\" Kids Party When You're Not A Pinterest-y Parent Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/21/14 02:12 PM

We skipped the toddler bed stage as well even though his crib converted to a pretty cute toddler bed. He loved the cozy cocoon of his crib and was in no hurry to move out until we finally booted him just after his 3rd birthday (and that was not willingly on his part). If we hadn't had a double bed in storage, I probably would have converted to the toddler bed for a bit.

Stylish Convertibles: Cribs to Toddler Beds
3/21/14 10:34 AM

The numbers presented by some of these make me less grumpy about my husband's miserly ways...

How Much Money Should I Be Saving Each Month? Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/17/14 12:42 PM

We used to keep the cat out of the guest rooms to combat the allergens in there because my mom and niece have slight cat allergies. Then we had a child and no longer have any dedicated guest space. Cat has free reign over the house and every aspect of it now (sans countertops and table). I offer to buy allergy medicine for our visitors.

Keep Out: Pet-free Zones at Home?
3/13/14 12:50 PM

I had a woman at church comment on an art project my son had completed during Sunday School that "it was so sweet to keep all these little treasures." Um, no. No it isn't. And as sweet as that project was right then, it probably didn't even make it into the house as the recycle bin is in the garage and my son had likely forgotten about it by the time we made it home. There are some things that I get sentimental about -- drawings he's done of the family or himself, anything that shows size (hand/footprints) -- but I'm pretty ruthless for most things. Our house is too small and the little person is too prolific with his many projects.

Memorabilia Mania: Deciding What Papers, Artwork & Ephemera to Keep For Your Kids Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/11/14 11:52 AM