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Beautiful! Beautiful! I'm loving how the simple furniture, minimal art & accessories keep the eyes focused on all of those gorgeous, original details.

Tom Glass's Relocated & Restored Revolutionary War Gem
Chesapeake Home

8/26/10 04:43 PM

mjs7640 - Couldn't agree more!

HGTV Host Taniya Nayak's Home with a River View
House Tour

8/12/10 06:17 PM

Beautiful sofa, beautiful color combinations. However, those christmas lights are an unfortunate distraction from the more lovely elements.

Tracy's City Apartment
Flickr Find

8/11/10 06:50 PM

People say "it looks like a hotel" like that's a bad thing!

So it's not to everyone's taste - why the need to try and take someone down a peg? Thoughtful critiques are one thing, calling a home soul-less and without personality for its lack of meaningless knick-knacks just comes off as sour grapes.

HGTV Host Taniya Nayak's Home with a River View
House Tour

8/11/10 06:43 PM

Despite my best intentions, I really enjoyed this house! Love the simple color palette and the variety of textures keeps things visually interesting and from feeling flat. I'm loving the marigold and tangerine scheme in the bedroom!

I personally don't understand the need to see someone's junk laying around their house just to make a space feel lived in. It's a lament seen more and more on these posts and I doubt any of us, getting ready to have our homes shown to a national audience wouldn't make sure it was immaculate. Would a half-eaten sandwich on her nightstand and a stack of last week's junk mail scattered on the dining table be inviting?

HGTV Host Taniya Nayak's Home with a River View
House Tour

8/10/10 04:39 PM

Your photos make your place look bigger than 700 sf! Just wondering if the sofa was pushed to the wall for the sake of the photo. Seems like it would be hard to comfortably seat three people that way. I also love how you've kept the TV from being the focal point of your TV wall by flanking it with great art.

Susan & Fred's Compromise
House Call

8/10/10 04:25 PM

I'm with Ms. Pea on that Captain's bed - yuck! The other options shown are much more attractive and when you have a small space, storage beds can get you as much storage as a 6-drawer dresser.

Six Stylish Storage Beds
8/6/10 06:10 PM

Love the wallpaper! For me, furniture placed on angles tends to look a little awkward and usually ends up wasting more space. It's not always necessary to try and reinvent the wheel, sometimes there really is one obvious headboard wall. That being said, it's your house, you obviously love it and this bedroom looks very cozy and nap-able!

Place Your Bed On an Angle Without the Awkwardness
7/27/10 10:31 PM