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or maybe they did what i always do -- which is forget to take a "before" photo until after starting the project :)

Before & After: Small Bathroom Finally Meets Its DIY Maker
3/12/14 10:19 AM


Before & After: Small Bathroom Finally Meets Its DIY Maker
3/12/14 10:18 AM

i saw this episode of house hunters, it's so great to see updates!!! looks like such a fun project!

Before & After: Former Firehouse Gets a Massive Facelift
2/17/14 10:17 AM

are either of these "rooms" legal occupancy? i know we're undergoing some changes with loft law, but i'm pretty sure bedrooms still have to have windows leading directly outside (for fire safety), among other things... i'm surprised she's sharing these photos considering something like that could potentially call for immediate vacate orders from the fire marshall....

Brooklyn Artist Builds Treehouse, Cabin Inside Loft Design News
1/31/14 01:20 PM

oh, i just checked out the rest of the shoot and the rest of it is "cute." a little forced, contrived, and not particularly practical (light bulbs on chair backs? slightly dangerous...) but "cute".

this duct is just really really bad though.

Rustic Meets Modern Industrial Table Setting
11/27/12 09:17 AM

this is awful. it looks like it fell there from the ceiling.

Rustic Meets Modern Industrial Table Setting
11/27/12 09:12 AM

Aimsly: I think a purple that leans slightly more towards red than blue can be a touch more manly. You can also use it as a highlight or complimentary color instead of the main color... and I
also love it paired with dark browns and mahogany, though that combo will obvs darken a room considerably.

Ready for Purple? Tons of Purple Inspiration Roundup | Apartment Therapy New York
7/27/10 04:36 PM

This is surprisingly great looking, but I'm curious how often the pillows fall off the back of the bed or how often he wishes he had a sturdy surface to lean on...

Place Your Bed On an Angle Without the Awkwardness | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/27/10 04:30 PM