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Oh but you left out the most classic brass lamp of all:

And its little sister

Fabulously Classy: Brass Lighting Roundup
5/15/13 09:38 PM

Looking at these photos made me feel really happy - like some very nice times have been had in this place!

Love what you've done, this should inspire lots of students and other small space dwellers.


Monica's Teeny-Tiny Student Studio House Tour
5/12/12 12:30 AM

I once slept in a greenhouse, and they don't call it a hothouse for no reason. As soon as the sun rose it was HORRIBLY hot in there. They must have solved that problem for these somehow...?

A New Take on Indoor/Outdoor Living with the BubbleTree Tent
4/24/12 07:25 PM

Thanks for these useful tips and the conversation! I have often found that people get a little defensive if someone is not drinking.

The same can be said re: food restriction "badge of honor". I find that there are actually MORE people who assume that everyone with a food restriction or non-traditional dietary choice is an idiot, than those who actually are. I call it "lactose intolerance envy". Super often if I have to tell someone I can't have milk, I get the lecture about all those OTHER lactose intolerant people who are so annoying. But I've never actually met anyone who has lactose intolerance who thinks it makes them special. I think that the whole thing is largely a myth. I suspect there may not actually be annoying vegans at all. Just meat eaters who harp about imaginary annoying vegans. Which, sorry, is pretty annoying.

Just last Saturday I sat through someone's lecture about annoying vegans. There was not a vegan at the dinner table. Just one guy who is apparently really threatened by vegans and harps about them almost every time I see him. Which is not very often, since he is no fun at all to be around.

No, I'm Not a Wine Drinker: 3 Social Tips from a Teetotaler
4/24/12 03:15 PM

Um MJL86 that was about the light. Like it says in the second sentence in the post?

So refreshing to see a real home! People are trying too hard these days to look like professional decorators did their space. Professional decorators make homes horribly overdone 95% of the time, and now people are doing it themselves. Ugh.

This seems lovingly lived in. And yes Vermeer would weep at the light.

Julie's Vermeer-Worthy Apartment in Paris House Tour
4/19/12 07:12 PM

It doesn't matter how many times you say it in the post or in the comments if people can't read, but: the "before" kitchen was not original to the house. It was a shitty 70s remodel that was not true to the architecture. I can't BELIEVE people are acting upset about it.

Before & After: A Retro Kitchen Stays True to its Roots Redneck Modern
3/25/12 12:25 AM

Some people really don't know what a gut remodel is, huh? I'm doing and living in one right now and this kitchen it is not!

Very lovely job. I bet those old cabinets were smelly!

Before & After: A Retro Kitchen Stays True to its Roots Redneck Modern
3/25/12 12:21 AM

Is it wrong that this makes me think of sex, as in, gold-plated BJ? It is? Okay I'll shut up.

Edible Spray Paint: Say What?!
3/4/12 11:23 PM

Stationary stores are easier to shop at than ones in motion.


Wrap It Up: 3 Ways to Use Decorative Paper at Home
2/19/12 02:45 AM

I once slept in a greenhouse and it was absolutely hideously hot by 7:30 in the morning - this was in Finland, where the sun rises at 3AM in the summer. This space is not usable unless it is air-conditioned.

Kekkilä Garden: Prefab Garden Shed Turned Backyard Retreat

1/21/12 01:30 PM

Sandwich cakes are very polarizing for Americans, but then again almost anything is.

Smörgåstårta: 15 Savory Sandwich Cakes
1/21/12 01:09 PM

Nice piece, and I'm sure it was hard work. Congratulations!

Before & After: Rescuing a Vintage Dresser
Home Sweet Nest

1/20/12 06:47 PM

Some quintessentially American foods can seem strange to people who did not grow up eating them, too. I've yet to declare something disgusting and refuse to eat it at my mother-in-law's table, though!

An example is pumpkin pie. I can't for the life of me wrap my head around taking a vegetable, and sweetening and pureing it and turning it into a dessert. If it's done with pumpkin, why not cauliflower? Tomatoes? Peas?

I wouldn't call it disgusting, and I have tried it many times. It's not for me, but I am sure it makes perfect sense in context and if you grew up with it.

Smörgåstårta: 15 Savory Sandwich Cakes
1/20/12 04:30 PM

I used to read this American woman's food blog, who lived in Finland at the time. The whole blog was mostly complaining about how everything was cooked wrong in Finland. She'd keep looking things up in a dictionary and then complain that something that is clearly called a "tart" in Finnish ("torttu") is not even a tart at all, and even worse, in Swedish, "tårta" means "cake". She was upset because she thought this meant Finns and Swedes did not understand cooking properly. It didn't make sense to her that different languages had words that sounded like an English word, but then did not mean the same thing.

She took it upon herself to take all these incorrect Finnish recipes and fix them, so the "torttu" would actually be a tart, and so on. She had the Cook's Illustrated style of obsessively doing it over until she considered it "perfect".

In this way, she destroyed her way through most of Finnish cooking. She has thankfully since then moved back to America, where everything is cooked the way it's supposed to be.

This is a way of saying, just because different cultures have ideas about food that are different from American ideas, doesn't mean that they are necessarily wrong.

(I can only imagine some of these readers' reactions if this was the first time they saw sushi. "Eww raw fish, that is so wrong.")

Smörgåstårta: 15 Savory Sandwich Cakes
1/20/12 02:02 PM

I just served sandwich cakes at my housewarming party. These are so the next big food trend. They are totally delicious, and they've made a comeback in Nordic parts for the funny retro vibe.

I've made them with goat cheese and mascarpone, and a Greek version with feta, olives etc.

They're a party food, not an every day food. If you eat birthday cake, you can stop screaming about cholesterol now.

Smörgåstårta: 15 Savory Sandwich Cakes
1/20/12 01:32 PM

Her website says she is a professional decorator for film, TV, and private homes, so I'm pretty sure "she could turn it into a full-time career." And has.

The house is great and lovely, but that's pretty funny to write about it, and her, and miss that little detail.

Adrianna & Paul's Eclectic Perfection Home
House Tour

1/19/12 06:52 PM

It is SO NOT cool and mid century, it's hideous. Get rid of it.

Can This Nice-But-Dated Fixture Be Saved?
Good Questions

11/5/11 10:08 PM

Love to see the decorating confidence grow and the look get bolder and more sophisticated. The yellow desk and blue chair are absolutely gorgeous together.

The Evolution of One Man's Home Office
10/22/11 04:42 PM

I need to click throught to the post and then click through to some other website to see these? Or will there be yet another series of click-throughs to get to the actual content that is being promised.

What cheap, nasty bullshit.

25 DIY Lamp Ideas
Blue Velvet Chair

10/22/11 01:22 PM

Martha has staff to do her six, seven, five and eighteen million things, and I'm sure she gives these lists to them.

Which is my whole goal. All I need is some sexy maids.

5 Fall Checklists For Your Home
Martha Stewart

10/22/11 01:01 PM