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I am surprised by the amount of people who are saying that it is "practical for a weekend home but IMPOSSIBLE as a real home". Plenty of people are living in these so-called Tiny Houses full time and doing quite well! I am not saying I could do it, but plenty of people do and they could teach me a thing or two about minimalism!

Christopher & Merete's Truly Tiny
Home on the Range House Tour

4/13/14 12:38 AM

I think it is green, and my husband and I are considering having the family move in with us. I would definitely need my own space! That said, you could share the yard area (less space needed = less urban sprawl), and share other spaces like laundry.

Does Multigenerational Living = Green Living?
San Francisco Chronicle

2/18/12 11:17 PM

This big, beautiful dining room table. Never mind the fact that I didn't have a dining room at the time and had no where to put it. It was a rustic wood with glass overlay and through the class you could see heavy, knotted metal in a sort of Celtic but not quite design. It looked like a cross between something from a castle and something from Restoration Hardware. Loved it!

Of course it was at an antique furniture auction, so I'll never be seeing that puppy again!

Object Lust: What's Your Gem That Got Away?
2/1/12 08:27 PM

What are the dimensions of the "bedroom"?

Nadia's Need for Creativity
1/31/12 09:18 AM

I had this room on my Pinterest account! Love it! The only criticism I would say is that it is much too large for my taste... I don't even think Master Bedrooms need to be 15 x 15, but that is just me!

I don't know why people are criticizing the cleanliness. My mom would have totally made me clean up if we were photographing it, and white bedspreads can't be that much of an issue... it isn't like most families allow food in bedrooms. The only other thing would be bloody noses and other bodily fluids, and you bleach that out.

Awesome room, and any boy would be glad to have it!

Charlie & Henry's Shared Bedroom
Kids Tour

1/30/12 10:32 PM

I have a small kitchen, but my advice is this: If you aren't much of a cook and you live near grocery stores, don't feel bad for using kitchen space to store other things. I use my kitchen to store books and tools. It isn't wasted space if you use it for what you love.

10 Things We Learned from Small Cool Kitchens 2011
8/1/11 02:35 PM

My parents helped me. I found a bunch of places online through a couple of reputable sites (I avoided Craigslist since I have seen a ton of scams on there) and my parents and I went out to pick one on a big road trip (it was in another city). I loved their help, but I didn't really have a choice anyways since I was 17 and wasn't allowed to sign a lease on my own at any decent places.

It was a great place in some ways (large, sunny, great 'hood). However, the elevator often wouldn't fully reach the floor (The floor would be at your knees and you would have to step up onto it) and the walls were paper thing. You could hear conversations of the neighbors. Not arguments. Conversations lol. There was also no individual thermostats! That was pretty crazy.

How Did You Find Your First Apartment?
8/1/11 02:30 PM

I am very lucky since my apartment has quite a few little luxuries. There are certain trade-offs (stupidly boringly modern but not in a good way, my neighbors smoke pot a lot and it sneaks into our suite, those kind of things) but we have some major things I would hate to give up:
- walking distance to great public transit
- walking distance to three grocery stores AND the farmers market
- allows my dog (huge thing, since most places won't)
- washer/dryer in suite
- dishwasher
- two bathrooms

I would give up a few of these luxuries. For example, I would be happy with walking distance to one grocery store, and I don't need two bathrooms. I definitely need a pet-friendly place and I don't think I could give up a dishwasher and washer/dryer now. Also, since I hate driving, I need to be close to GREAT public transit.

What Are Your Little Luxuries?
8/1/11 02:26 PM

900 sqft for just my husband, me, and a dog right now. If we have the chance to renovate or buy another house, this size would suit us just fine. However, if we have to live with someone else's designed layout, I think we would like around 1200 sqft once we have a child.

Average Home Sizes Around the World
7/22/11 09:47 AM

I am surprised that the blogger didn't suggest any Pentax cameras. I love their DSLRs because most are weather resistant with weather resistant lenses... however, I think the main one what should be mentioned for parents is their point and shoot: <-- That is their older model, and it is under $300.00. It may not look as stylish, but your kids can throw dirt at it, drop it onto concrete, swim with it, and take it outside in really cold weather, no worries! Nikon and Canon DO have more accessories for their cameras, but for anyone who does a lot of outdoor fun stuff with their kids (or just have kids that are into rough-housing) this would be the camera I suggest.

What Camera To Buy? 4 Suggested Cameras for Parents
2/26/11 03:04 PM

Good for some people, not great for others. I have a traditional P.C. set-up (Tower and all), and I prefer it. When something goes wrong, it is easy to open up and fix. With those things, I would feel rather intimidated as I am not too techie. I would end up spending money having someone at the Geek counter fix it, and I would rather not do that.

However, for people who aren't constantly upgrading their computer or for people who don't prefer to do their own fixes, perhaps one of these would be a great option, especially if they want more than a laptop but less than a traditional desktop.

Do Touch-Based All-in-one Computers Make Sense?
2/11/11 08:31 PM

I think having a shower for a second, third fifteenth kids, is perfectly acceptable! Perhaps it is because I AM a second child, and why should a second kid be stuck with hand-me-downs from day one? How horrible is that? I am all about reusing and recycling, but a new life should get some new things.

However, I am more likely to buy a picture book that I love, and write a lil' personal note in it. I wouldn't want to bring disposable diapers either. If you have a probably with it, just say no.

Gift Etiquette and Moral Dilemmas
Good Questions

2/6/11 04:05 PM

I know a lot of people don't like your paint colors, but I really enjoy them. They seems like a lot of fun without being overpowering. I personally would completely get rid of the fireplace mantle and the banister. They are very dated. I would also switch out the couch to the grey. I hope you find something that matches your vision!

Suggestions For Decor To Work With Wall Colors?
Good Questions

1/15/11 09:28 PM

Thanks for the ideas everyone! While getting a smaller T.V. isn't an option (we always do movie "screenings" at our place), artwork is probably what we are leaning towards. And don't worry... we never planned on keeping out knick-knacks there, it was just a waiting area until we did something with this space!

Keep the ideas coming!

How to Use Corner Area Above Fireplace?
Good Questions

1/4/11 07:50 PM

I didn't realize you only have to vacuum your mattress once every three months. I do it every two weeks!

How to Care for Your Mattress: Do's and Don'ts
12/22/10 05:29 PM

In my school district (in Canada), AND where I grew up, school lunches weren't offered. We brought out lunch to school.

Who Eats A Better Lunch: You Or A French 3-Year-Old?
10/10/10 02:21 AM

That cake is so cool!

Pumpkin Cake with a Surprise Inside
I Am Baker

10/9/10 07:49 PM

LOVE the artwork!

Mae & BJ's Pretty Chic Pet-Friendly Pad
House Tour

9/12/10 03:27 AM

I agree with the "not always possible" crowd. While I spend around 35% of my income on housing now, there was a time where that was a dream. If we chose to buy a house, we would end up spending WAY more. However, house prices have significantly dropped in our area because we hit a bust cycle for a bit there, but that still puts the average house at nearly 400 000. You can certainly get cheaper places, but that means sacrificing safety and proximity to downtown, which in my city means likely having to buy a car (our transit system is okay, but extremely lacking in the 'burbs).

In some places you can definitely do it on 25%. It just isn't always possible.

House Poor No More: Determining What You Can Afford
9/5/10 03:19 AM

I love these books! I read them to a class where there were three students who were Spanish speaking, and I said to them, "You have to let me know if I am pronouncing any words incorrectly" and they found my Spanish "accent" that I attempted hilarious. It was great fun for all of us!

If you are uncomfortable with the stereotypical Spanish stuff, try Melanie Watts books. The Chester series ( and the Scaredy Squirrel series ( both have the same fun tone.

Meet Skippyjon Jones
By Judy Schachner

8/17/10 09:59 PM