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Wow. You guys are leaving yourself with TONS of options for screwed up drinks. MANY bars do not have lime. How about water that tastes like soap suds? There are a few that no matter what, I cannot stand the water, or even the ice! Beer can be lukewarm (I like mine icy). The only really foolproof drink is whisky/bourbon/scotch. Neat of course. Add water, and you deal with a quantity issue. Add ice, same thing. Mix something with soda and the soda can be flat or too syrupy out of the soda gun. Ginger ale is a fav of mine and MANY places don't have that either. Or they have Pepsi instead of Coke (to some it matters). Lots of mixed drinks in bad bars are made so that the alcohol is highly lacking/skimpy. Can't hide behind fillers when there's nothing but straight up alcohol in a glass.

However, with that said, I enjoy a maker's mark/jameson/single malt scotch (if they have any) neat in a glass. And if you order a second, the quantity usually increases on the second order (even in a low-level tier bar that has never heard of a cocktail).

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5/9/12 05:13 PM

@delagirl924 - someone I worked with brought back 2 cases of kinder eggs. Eating all that really sweet milk chocolate with everyone in the office did away with any interest in kinder eggs I ever had. Done with that!

For a while I collected ace playing cards. I used to buy packs off ebay. Some cool designs and they didn't take up much room.

Now I pretty much collect rocks. I have a collection of black rocks with white polka dots (all from the same beach that I often go to), ones that are stunning works of art, and my "mens flannel collection" of really subtle striping that looks like fine mens suit material. Unfortunately I think I have about 100 lbs. I really love the ones that have really rough grey stone with white lines through them (I have a pile of polka dotted ones and also striped ones at work).

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9/11/10 08:08 PM

My main gripe with CFLs is the time it takes for them to warm-up. I have mostly switched, but in my dark bathroom (no windows, it is an interior room), I can't wait for the delay. So it is all regular incandescant bulbs there, since there is no delay. You try stumbling in bleary-eyed in the AM and not being able to see your face well... it doesnt' work!

I agree, they aren't as warm. I have a few in a pendant lamp inside my bedroom/loft, and there is lots of raw wood (we haven't completed any work on this room yet, so it's all raw ply and 2x4s), but the warmth of the wood counteracts the CFLs.

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7/3/08 08:21 AM