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Maybe this was already said, there are A LOT of comments here and I just can't read them all. But, shouldn't we assume that the people using the washable, reusable hand towels have just WASHED their hands. Clean hands on the clean towel... really, what is wrong with everyone. I have survived 30 years without dieing from my hand towel, and so will you!

Product Regress: Kleenex Hand Towels
2/4/11 09:28 PM

How about a cornice board to cover the track and some heavy drapes? If you made it yourself it wouldn't be too expensive.

Hope that's helpful!

How To Cover Up Vertical Blinds In A Rental?
Good Question

2/4/11 06:21 PM

I'm not sure if someone already said this, but when you bleach something as often as you do you ruin the integrity of the fabric. It's no wonder you're getting water through your shower curtain. My suggestion is to buy a colored fabric curtain. That way you won't see the hard water stains. Follow the washing instructions. Also, you could have your water check and get a filter. Hope this is helpful and not redundant.

Shower Curtain Liners: Fabric or Plastic? | Apartment Therapy Boston
7/22/10 11:30 PM