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Use a network name of "Virus" and you'll be golden against thieves.

Neighborly Behavior: Do You Share or Borrow Wi-Fi?
4/17/12 05:30 PM

I disagree with the RAW - unless you do a lot of editing, it's not really necessary and just takes up more memory.

Adding onto the organizing part, I put a sticker label onto the cords itself with the camera name. After a few years and numerous electronics later, they get confusing!

The First 5 Things to Do with Your New Camera
2/16/12 06:11 PM

I don't know about South America, but in Spain a cortado is not even close to a latte. It is served in an espresso cup with a thin layer (think splash) of milk.

Barista Secrets: 3 Underground Coffee Drinks Not On The Menu
2/2/12 09:27 PM

Rather than destroying money, wouldn't it be better to donate it?

What Does it Take to Get You Out of Bed in the Morning?
6/14/11 07:23 PM

This is exactly what I've been waiting for - now I know what to do with my collection of Vogues from around the world.

Forget The Shelves: Sit On Your Magazines
6/6/11 10:18 PM

I don't even like cheesecake, but within a day I ate a third of an entire cherry cheesecake from the W Hotel in Seoul. So worth it and I can't stop thinking about it. I'm making it my business to go back.

What's the Best Dessert You Ever Ate?
4/25/11 02:41 PM

I'm a big fan of ramen with some fresh onions and an egg so I can pretend it's somewhat nutritious.

Got Home Late and Starving: What Do You Do?
4/18/11 04:52 PM

I have a notebook so that I can cut and paste recipes from magazines or write in recipes that I find online. It's not as easily organizable but it makes a great scrapbook to flip through when I need some inspiration.

Recipe Storage Binders from Meadowsweet Kitchens
3/1/11 01:14 PM

Thrifty's (now Rite Aid) chocolate malted crunch and McDonald's vanilla cone. Both are amazingly delicious and under a buck!

Then & Now: What's Your Favorite Lick?
8/12/10 01:29 AM

I have one from the Sharper Image that I love. You can set 2 time zones and an alarm. It's super easy to use. Unlike an iPod, I've had it for years and have never had to change the battery! I checked online and they don't have the exact model that I have anymore, but they have a similar one and it looks compact as well. Best $25 spent as a traveler.

Jetlag Alarm Clock by Sam Hecht | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/22/10 08:53 PM