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fabric. but i dream of an outdoor shower ... just saying

as for the leaks, this will happen if you point the shower head in a way so that the water hits it dead on.

Shower Curtain Liners: Fabric or Plastic? | Apartment Therapy Boston
7/22/10 02:53 PM

ask any vet & they'll tell you that shampoo is worthless. it basically just irritates the skin. it's worth the money to go to the vet & get the $10 spot treatment.

& also, remember to follow up flea season with deworming (get the kind from the vet) b/c fleas carry worms.

On Dealing With Fleas Once And For All | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/20/10 04:53 PM

a large plant would be nice

Best Way to Add a Surface Hide Outlets? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
7/14/10 01:13 PM

ikea has some neat sliding closet doors in all kinds of colors & finishes.

also, for the floor, what about cork?

Materials to Modernize this Area? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
7/7/10 11:20 PM

what happened to the month where readers would submit pics of art in their home?

New England Homes with Great Art | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/23/10 12:29 PM

gray! here are some pics to show how good those 2 colors look together. wall.jpg

Paint Color to Suit Greenish Yellow Tile? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
6/8/10 04:41 PM

yes, it's stupid, HOWEVER i'm seeing potential inspiration wise. maybe my books would look cool covered in a sort of beat up paper!

Hmmm…Antiqued Book Bundles? | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/8/10 04:37 PM

kinkos does it.

Info on Having Magazine Collections Bound? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
6/3/10 05:26 PM


How Do You Define Good Design? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/8/10 06:31 PM

yes. when i saw that in the contest, i was a little sad.

that said, when you venture outside of the people who read design blogs everyday & really know trends, it doesn't matter.

most of the people i know don't even really know the terms deco, mid century, wabi sabi, etc.

Are Vintage Transit Scrolls the New "Keep Calm"? | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/5/10 11:41 AM

lol an all white mud room is a GREAT idea. lol

pretty though.

Good Looking Mud Rooms Inspiration Gallery | Apartment Therapy DC
5/4/10 10:56 AM

my last apt was in the fall colors finals twice. i LOVED it. it was my first studio & it was the first place i totally unpacked in. i had to edit myself like crazy. i think it made me know myself better.

it was sad to move, but i left it to get married & live w/ my husband. & decorating w/ another person's things? that's a whole new challenge!

Leaving a Beloved Apartment | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/3/10 11:08 AM

more posts like this one, please

Secret Color: Painting Just the Edge of a Door | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/9/10 08:07 PM

you guys know about that whole economy thing, right?

Modernism for Rent on Cape Cod | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/9/10 08:06 PM

i think it'd be nice if you refocused on the APARTMENT part of your site.

you can go anywhere & see great design, people knocking down walls, & furnishing million dollar lofts. the thing that made me love you was the attitude in your book. more of that please! ^_^

Reader Memo: Apartment Therapy Loses Weight | Apartment Therapy New York
4/2/10 05:14 PM

i think it could've been nice to fix the flooring & leave the monet in sections. maybe paint could frame it. but yeah, it looked neat, now it just looks kinda same old same old suburbia

Before After: The Monet Mural Bathroom | Apartment Therapy Boston
3/31/10 06:43 PM

the bathroom is fairly apropos & could give the art the feeling of a more purposeful collection.

The Proper Place For Nudes | Apartment Therapy DC
3/20/10 01:31 PM

yes! donovan house! i picked it for our weekend honeymoon mainly due to the bathroom.

Best Hotel Bathrooms | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/9/10 10:58 PM

we're redoing our bathroom right now. we scored a clawfoot on craig for $100. i just had to spray epoxy on the outside.

Roundup: Claw Foot Tubs | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/8/10 06:59 PM

so cover something that's gonna come in contact w/ germs in cloth instead of w/ something you can easily wipe down???

Make A Tissue Box Cover From A Handkerchief | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/5/10 04:58 PM