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No bacon?

Delicious and Innovative: 5 Surprising Cookie Mix-Ins
3/29/12 06:40 PM

I do all of the above! Except, frozen brownies are delicious that isn't the best prevention, but at least being behind the freezer door makes them a little easier to forget about.

Keeping Sweets in the House
Cooking for One

2/29/12 10:27 AM

I LOVE the idea of handpainting an inexpensive rug to make it more chic and luxurious. Persian's not my style, but I'm definitely tucking this idea away for when I move soon.

Thrifty, Practical & Chic: Veronica's Painted Persian Rug
1/19/12 12:03 PM

When I got to cook, I write everything on a 4x6 lined index card, that way it's all in front of me, and I can jot down adjustments I make or comments. Then, sometimes I re-write it neatly on a new index card (or if the changes aren't too much and I didn't spill I just keep the original one), and sometimes I type it into my computer, depending on when I think I'll use it again and what I'll use it for. I like having things stored in the computer, but I like the size and shape of the index card over a full piece of paper or printout.

When I started doing this my original plan was the print out photos of the recipe to glue to the back of the card, if that helps anyone. Haven't done it yet though (and it's been at least 5 years that I've been doing this).

Recipe Cards: Useful or Outdated?
1/18/12 11:39 AM

I can't wait to make this for lunch tomorrow!!

Best Simple Supper: Miso Soup with Rice & Poached Egg
10/24/11 10:47 PM

Very clever!

Forget Scraps: Make Multiple Cookies With A Single Cut
8/30/11 03:23 PM

Homemadecookies, the "as-is" section are discounted items that are either returned, slightly damages, floor models, out of packaging, discontinued, etc.

Overheard: Navigating IKEA
8/11/11 06:35 PM

I'm finally making sauce out of the seconds tomatoes I bought last Sunday... oops. But then it's going on top of some tortellini with basil. Yum!

I've also got plans to bake some pignoli cookies and do something with the nectarines I've failed to eat fresh.

What's Cooking This Weekend?
Weekend of August 6-7, 2011

8/5/11 07:22 PM

I went on a student trip to Europe in high school, and our first meal in Paris was pissaladière. As with many of our meals during that trip, the trays just kept coming (which I chalked up to either the food budget being too high, or stereotypes of American over-eating prevailing). They were less traditional (again, to feed a bunch of American teenagers), but so delicious. Lucky for me, not too many of my fellow travelers liked mushrooms, so I didn't have to fight for those delicious slices.

Pissaladière: The French Answer to Pizza
9/28/10 11:09 AM

I've seen these at Wake Up Little Suzie in D.C. (Cleveland Park). They are super cute--especially the little decorations at the top!

Canadian Cabin: Cardboard Cat Cottages by Loyal Luxe | Apartment Therapy New York
7/22/10 02:11 PM