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How to be curious and able to take things apart and repair them. While I may not always do that, I know that I am able to.

5 Things My Father Taught Me About The Home
6/28/11 01:55 PM

We are getting ready to redo the first floor of our 1906 house and convert the dining room into a den/living room. Dinner parties are casual and spread over the house anyway and this way we get more permanent seating. A large gateleg table in our 8x10 foyer will provide an actual dining table if/when needed.

What Piece of Furniture Are You Willing to Do Without?
6/3/11 02:58 PM

10 years ago when my partner and I met we always slept together. Once the honeymoon was over he started sleeping on the couch because he likes to fall asleep with the tv on and it keeps me awake. Pretty much like clockwork he wakes up at 1:30 and comes to bed. I used to feel weird about it but then realized it was nice going to sleep with the whole bed (not counting dogs/cats) to myself. Now I find it quite nice when he crawls into bed and snuggles up next to me. If one of us is sick we make use of the spare bedroom so the other can have a good nights sleep. We both sleep better and think nothing of it.

Sleeping Style: Twin Beds
3/3/11 02:33 PM

I've always used what's been handed down to me because that way I can think of the person that it came from every time I see it. I do try to keep them out of harm's way but have lost a couple of pieces just the same. It made me sad but at least they were used for a hundred years or so and I guess that's a pretty good run.

Family Heirlooms: Hidden Away or Out for Display?
10/13/10 02:40 PM

One or two of our four cats have to push the water bowl out into the middle of the kitchen floor. I think one started it and the other learned it but never the food bowl.

Catering to Your Pet's Quirks
9/15/10 02:57 PM

I've already sent this article to my partner and friends that have laughed at me for years concerning my dishwasher hangups (their word). I truly have learned to re-arrange the dishwasher so silently after being "helped out" that nobody notices. Just this weekend one friend stopped another from loading the dishwasher because she knew I would just have to do it over before running it.

My mother drys her stainless steel sink after every use and I am always amazed at how good it looks, I'm trying to train myself to do the same but obsessing over the dishwasher seems to take up most of my time...

What Are Your Household Chore Quirks? | Apartment Therapy DC
7/22/10 11:57 AM