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It's Paneer, not panner - just an FYI.

Craving Indian Food? 5 Starter Recipes
1/28/13 05:02 PM

Walking on books is never Okay, no matter what their destiny. It's just disrespectful.

A Literal Literary Lining for Your Living Room Floor
4/15/11 05:00 PM

Location, lifestyle, simplicity.

Why Do You Live Small?
4/6/11 11:57 AM

Love it. Want it. Will get it - I hope!

What Do You Think of Domed Chairs?
3/25/11 02:59 PM


Benjamin's Modern Glam Bachelor Pad
House Tour

3/24/11 12:42 PM

The best house tour so far. Classy and warm in every way.

I think my current shade of green fits well with the warmth of the house.

Steven's Relocated Beach Cottage
House Tour

3/7/11 02:58 PM

must.focus.on.the.positive. Lovely floors.

Lessons from Ilse Crawford's Loft Bedroom
3/6/11 09:35 PM

Hmmm... M&M's anyone?

Peter Stamberg & Paul Aferia's Colorful Contemporary House
Architectural Digest

9/17/10 12:07 AM


Black Painted House: Love It or Leave It?
9/1/10 11:46 AM


Eli & Jessica's Comforting Cambridge Condo
House Tour

8/24/10 04:27 PM

Lovely big windows and loft area. A touch too claustrophobic for me with the unnecessary clutter.

I think a small place like that needs peaceful décor with a minimalistic approach.

I wonder if it's clutter for the sake of clutter?

Kate & Clifton Show Their Stuff
House Tour

8/24/10 04:26 PM

Fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

Get Rid of Fruitflies with a Homemade Fruit Fly Trap
8/5/10 04:25 PM

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What Are Some Great Stove-Free Recipes?
Good Questions

8/2/10 12:41 PM

Sigh! It's *brilliant*.

Harriet's Nature Inspired, Designer High Rise
House Tour

7/30/10 05:31 PM

Fabulous. Charming. Inviting.

Alisha's Bright White Guest Cottage
House Tour

7/30/10 01:27 PM