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They are beautiful but not for this climate. I'll pine after them from afar.

Simply Stunning: Steel Windows & Doors
8/27/13 03:11 AM

I'm surprised you didn't include the Fluval Edge series. Those look very cool.

The Life Aquatic: Relaxing & Compact
Hi-Tech Aquariums

8/23/13 08:21 PM

I've been so spoiled over the last many years. We've always had a washer and dryer for the last FIFTEEN years. We just moved and lived in a hotel for 2 months. Coin-op laundry felt so strange after all that time.

From a City Apartment to a Country House: Getting Comfortable With Home Technology
8/13/13 11:51 PM

Simply brilliant.

Smart & Simple Tip: How To Use a Scanner to Make Wall Mounting Quick & Easy
8/1/13 12:08 AM

We've taken to it as well. Delightful. I'm working on a "trainwreck of things that fell from the trees" design for my abode.

Casually Addictive: Animal Crossing:
New Leaf
Apartment Therapy Game Room Review

7/29/13 10:38 PM

Sadly we had this happen with our compact camera - the only real solution was to have it repaired by the manufacturer. Took a couple weeks and cost the "out of warranty repair" amount - $150 for our model, but the camera came back right as rain. For the lens, I imagine they may have similar options.

Can I Repair a Scratched Camera Lens? Good Tech Questions
7/17/13 01:11 AM

I have had great fun with the minecraft on the iPad. I found the phone version to be too small.

I've spent hours hollowing out a mountain to build a lovely home and making a glass pyramid under the sea.

10 Apps to Construct Your Own House, Build Your Own World Tablet App Recommendations
6/30/13 01:17 AM

Extra cooling capacity won't make the air clammy, but not having it setup to drain right or put through the volumes correctly can result in that. Air at any given temperature has an upper limit on how much humidity it can hold, so it's a careful balance to make sure you get it right.

What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?
6/30/13 01:12 AM

Mike is right. Get a harmony. We went from seven cluttered remotes to one. One side is black and the table is nearly black so if it's face down, nobody notices or cares.

Hide That Remote! 10 Pretty Storage Boxes
5/21/13 11:38 PM

We found some great ones at west elm. http://www.westelm.com/products/stackable-chair-g063/

Small Space Solution: 5 Stylish Stacking Chairs
5/12/13 10:56 PM

A warmed oven with the rice seemed to help when it happened with my 4. I definitely go with a case now where possible.

The Five Stages of Drowned Phone Grief
5/8/13 08:15 PM

@subpoenacolada "Into the New" by Vallejo featured modem noises. 1999/2000 ish

5 Sounds That Have Disappeared
In the Last Decade

4/20/13 01:50 PM

So kwaii!

Use These Fabric Patterns to Sew Your Own Apple iPillow Nancy Kers
4/12/13 10:37 PM

My phone is mostly used to fidget, not get up to date. Kinda bored, what time is it? Any moves on words with friends? I can see why people might think that.

It's dramatically improved some aspects of my creativity, (photography) but it's subject to the same problems of computer time where it's a question of how you use it. I'm more aware of news and stories in the world than I ever was before since I can check things between meetings. The danger is falling in the trap of using it just because it's there.

Is Your Smartphone Making You Less Creative? Fast Company
4/12/13 10:37 PM

Pre-ordered right now.

The Force Is Strong With These Limited Edition iPhone 5 Star Wars Cases Daily Tech Find
4/12/13 10:27 PM

Clickthrough to her page: http://shop.bettinanissen.com/product/blurbs-coat-rack

Designer Bettina Nissen's Studio & Playlist Lifework
10/2/12 12:55 AM

Something minimal and spindly.

Pilsen from Crate & Barrel: http://www.crateandbarrel.com/pilsen-48-desk/s575286
Portica from Room and Board: http://www.roomandboard.com/rnb/product/detail.do?productGroup=19633&catalog=filter&menuCatalog=room&menuCategory=213&menuSubcategory=146
Flat Bar Desk from West Elm: http://www.westelm.com/products/flat-bar-storage-desk-g126/?pkey=coffice-desk-chairs

You could also just go with the black-brown expedit like we did.

Options for Desk Under Stair? Good Questions
10/2/12 12:37 AM

Cameras: I had bad luck. Lost count of Olympus point and shoot film cameras. Polaroid OneStep600, still have it. Digital: Agfa VGA resolution and serial connection. Olympus Camedia (broke), Minolta crapcan (given to kids), Canon A620, sadly stolen, G10, T2i.

Cellphones: Sony candy bar. Before Ericsson. Motorola StarTac, LG freebie, Silver Razr, Black Razr, iPhone, 3GS, 4.

Tablets: TC1100, iPad 2, iPad 3rd gen. Work: Fujitsu t4210.
2 non pc's.

Computers: PC Partner 286, IBM Aptiva P166, Thinkpad iSeries 1721 (stolen), TC1100, MacBook Pro 13". Work: Aptiva S-series, Fujitsu Lifebook P120, Dell Optiplex gx270, Dell Precision 530, Fujitsu T4210, Dell M4500.

The 2 Razrs drive my average even though I returned the first since tmobile had no service where we lived.

5 home computers in 21 years isn't much. 1991-1996, 1996-2000, 2000-2004, 2004-2009, 2009 to now.

We pass down old tech whenever we can. Still have loads of leftover parts and accessories though.

How Many Phones, Tablets & Computers Have You Owned?
10/2/12 12:15 AM

If you don't think Mr. Ive is thorough and proficient you are not paying attention. Rams has inspired a generation, and it is the WAY of thinking that is important.

A Side-by-Side Comparison of Apple and Braun Designs
9/7/12 06:36 PM

Something worth considering on the tech boxes is flattening them. A lot of boxes come with all folded cardboard insets now, so you can save space and the box. We also use clear storage boxes wherever possible.

10 Techorating Tips for Rearranging, Reorganizing, and Rebooting Your Life
9/4/12 10:58 PM