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Just wanna share my experience with Lexington Modern to all. I found this blog and read about this posting for Lexington and thought it would be a decent place to purchase chairs from. So I ordered a chair from them on July 11, 2010. Then I found out that my order was pending for 4 days for no reason. I called Lexington and the guy gave me some execuses about it warehouse was too busy and promised the chair would be shipped next day. Ok. So I waited another day, but my order status on its website still had not changed. I felt a bit suspicious about if they really got the chair that I ordered or not. So I called again and this time the guy told me that the warehouse had some issues and my order would be shipped on next Monday. Fine. Monday came and I waited until the end if the day. Finally, I order status changed to "shipped" with a FedEx tracking number. I was excited and tried to track my shipment, but only to find out that Lexington had only print the shipping label but had never called FedEx to pickup the package from its warehouse, according to the FedEx representative. What! How could that possible. And I smelt something shady here. So I called Lexington on Tuesday (7/20) again and I got mix signals from them. One guy told me the chair was shipped and if I had problem I should talked to the manager, David. Apparently, some old shady business, when I called for David, he was never available. Another guy told me (after I confronted with him about my finding from the FedEx representative that they had never called for pickup), that the chair was still in warehouse waiting for FedEx to pickup. He added that it was really "up to the FedEx guy to show up, and sometime he may not show up." I was very upset at this point. What kind of business is this. How can he blame it on FedEx for irresponsible when they have been doing business with FedEx for quite sometimes from its eBay online store. I found it very hard to believe how much hassle I have to go through when I purchase from Lexington. The last guy I talked to said the chair should be going out today, but as of now, the chair was still not being picked up according to the FedEx rep. It s been 9 days since I ordered. Well, Lexington claimed that all purchase would be shipped within 2 business days, but in this case, Lexington definitely not doing what it claims.

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