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How did I not know this existed? As a cartographer by trade I am embarrassed at my lack of knowledge of this place. Thanks for sharing!

Calling All Map Lovers: Ward Maps
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6/13/11 03:27 PM

People still borrow food-stuffs from their neighbors these days? I've never really felt comfortable asking my neighbors for that kind of thing and am more inclined to just run to the store and buy it for myself. Perhaps this is my urban mentality kicking in.

When Do You Open Your Front Door?
3/18/11 04:23 PM

I bought these Lego ones for my husband as he is a bit of a fanatic. http://www.geekalerts.com/lego-salt-and-pepper-shakers-part-2/ They're adorable alas the holes are too small and they don't dispense much salt or pepper. The look cute in the kitchen though.

Cute and Kitschy Salt & Pepper Shakers
1/27/11 01:38 PM

These are all lovely but I cringe at the amout of upkeep this requires. Definitely not a good choice for a house with pets and/or kids.

Painted White Floors: Inspiration Gallery
1/19/11 02:51 PM

That same picture of Nixon bowling is actually gracing the walls of the bowling alley in the basement of the Eisenhower Building. I love it's position above the vintage turntable in this home.

Adian & Dave's Quirky Twist on a Grown-Up Home
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1/12/11 03:47 PM

I like the Sprayway stainless steel cleaner however I have resigned myself to find a less "chemical" option once there are kids in the household.

8 Tips for Removing Fingerprints from Stainless Steel
1/5/11 01:04 PM

In my county the fire code regulates that if you live in a multi-unit dwelling that is not equipped with sprinklers you are not allowed to have a real Christmas tree, alas fake is my only option.

As a side note, one year growing up my parents real tree was extremely fresh and continued to grow and release what I now assume to be pollen throughout the month of December. My mom was so miserable with allergies that we undecorated and disposed of it on December 26th.

Artificial Tree vs. Real Tree: Pros and Cons
12/2/10 12:55 PM

I can see where they're going with this but my dog hates the vaccuum and won't even come near it when it's turned off. I use a Furminator comb on my dog and although I'm sure it's more time consuming than the vaccuum would be my dog doesn't run from the comb.

Dyson Wants To Vacuum Your Pets
11/4/10 04:50 PM

I'm perfectly okay with people leaving their shoes on in my home. What I cringe at, unfortunately, are high heels. I have a nice little collection of pock marks in my hard wood floors around my kitchen bar from my housewarming party. If I send out an invitation I try to, as politely as possible, ask in advance to skip the high heeled shoes.

Shoes On or Off in the Home?
11/2/10 01:07 PM

+1 justinrich This is artwork, to decorate. It's purpose is not to teach you geography but to look nice.

Modern World Map by Jen Adrion + Omar Noory
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9/13/10 12:08 PM

This is quite lovely and kudos to you on all the hard work!

Color Therapy: Christine's Stenciled Silver Forest
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8/17/10 11:54 AM

The outside temperature was 40 degrees the day we inspected our "completely renovated" condo. We couldn't turn on the AC to test it and didn't think to check the wiring. You can imagine our surprise come May when we discovered that our brand new AC unit had not been completely finished being wired and wasn't even connected to the thermostat.

10 Things To Check Before You Buy A Home
8/10/10 02:32 PM

I must be thinking too literally but how does one get to anywhere else in Europe via Dublin on a bus?

Etsy Finds: Travel Themed Art
7/29/10 04:32 PM

I second the comment on this being a nice hotel. And I also have photos of my husband and I sitting in these chairs. I don't think they would work well in many homes but for the right hotel, they're very eye-catching.

Giant Wingback Chairs Flickr Finds | Apartment Therapy New York
7/22/10 03:43 PM

My husband and I bought a stone chess set on our first trip to Ireland. We liked it so much that we decided to look for unique chess sets on all of our travels. We have since added an olivewood chess set from a shop in the Greek port of Katakolon. I'd like to find a nice glass one in Venice this fall but I suspect it will be beyond my budget.

What Travel Momento Holds a Favored Place at Home? Survey | Apartment Therapy DC
7/20/10 04:38 PM