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I agree with akay that it depends on ceiling height. And in a rental, it depends on whether your landlord will allow ceiling hooks to be installed! I have one existing celing hook in my studio and plan to make the most of it, but think a huge pendant would't go well with my average-height ceiling.

Big Pendant in a Small Space
4/8/11 01:28 PM

Keep an eye out on CL, flea markets, or thrift stores; I scored an awesome vintage loveseat on CL for $50! The fabric is in very good condition but not quite my style, so with the $$ saved I can have it reupholstered in the fabric of my choice and still be well under the price points in this selection.

Loveseats & Settees: Small Space Solutions
4/8/11 01:24 PM

If you center your bed with the footboard at the windows you can create some more privacy or separate a sleeping space that looks out the window (hope you have a nice view). Your loveseat can go right against the headboard, creating a living space that faces the entry door.

If you don't already have one, get a headboard to which you can clamp a couple of old school desk lamps that will do double duty lighting sleeping and living spaces. Something simple like WE's Plateau Headboard would be nice; if you want something more dramatic, how about WE's Scroll or Morocco headboard (plus, WE -- West Elm -- bedroom furniture is now 15% off!)? The back, which would show above your loveseat, would be a nice backdrop for a piece of art. It depends on how much light comes in those windows.

Flank the headboard/loveseat with small tables (or TV tray tables, if you're on a budget, or stacked trunks for more storage, if you like that aesthetic) that can also pull double duty as "bedroom nightstand" and "living area side table." I agree with bepsf's suggestion of area rug, table, and media. Use a lucite table OR ghost chairs (but not both) to keep the space open.

Lastly, a small landing strip on the wall left of the entrance (behind proposed media area) or on the fridge. And a row of hooks on the back of the door for coats & bags.

Good luck and send photos when you're all settled!

How To Arrange Furniture In Studio Apartment?
Good Questions

3/18/11 05:03 PM

What a lovely, light-filled space! It looks so original, fresh, and lived-in at the same time. I love your 'hunter/gatherer' philosophy of keeping an item until you're ready for (or want!) a new or different one. Change is good, as is not holding on *too* tightly.

Jennifer & Nello's Hunter/Gatherer Home
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2/7/11 06:09 PM

I recently made the shocking realization that apartment hunting is NOT about me helping someone find a renter, but finding the right place for me. Instead of being patient, I compromised what I wanted with that guilt, and thinking that maybe that's all the market had to offer. Once I made that profound (for me) paradigm shift, I practically stumbled into the perfect studio, which has MORE than my apartment needs list (pool, *gated* parking *with storage unit*)!! Woot!

I like seeing some of your same pieces in different settings. That's always the fun part of moving into a new place! Glad you finally got a good one.

3 Homes in 1 Year: Advice for Finding a Place You'll Love
2/5/11 01:03 AM

Well done! I wish I had such a neat craft corner!

Before & After: Kim's Craft Cabinet
2/5/11 12:38 AM

I'm moving into a studio where the vertical blinds are in front of a sliding glass door, but -- get this -- I'm not allowed to put any screws into the walls, so a curtain rod is out of the question. I read somewhere online that you can remove each of the blinds and use rings or clips in each blind-holder-thing to attach a curtain panel. I'm gonna try it and see how it goes. Good luck to you!

How To Cover Up Vertical Blinds In A Rental?
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2/5/11 12:31 AM

What a beautifully written description; I'll have to try this!

p.s. I'm not complaining about the lower temps this SoCal summer!

In Praise of an Affogato on a Chilly Summer's Night
8/11/10 04:32 PM

Along the same lines as bepsf and Lesley, I would have done one single seat cushion. But I do like the higher back cushions. And the white piping is delightful. It gives me high hopes for the summer reuph I have planned (though mine won't include piping)! Well done, diywithADD!

Before and After: From Granny to Glam CasaSugar | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
7/22/10 06:51 PM

As a long-term house guest with my bro and SIL plus their new baby, the comments have been very helpful to me!

Some things I try to do:
- Set clear table, do all the washing up (SIL is an excellent cook)
- Bring home some of the 'little things' I know they like: fresh flowers, wine, snacks, etc.
- ALWAYS clean up after myself: wiping up stray hairs from the sink and floors in the bathroom, make my bed every day, keeping my stuff in place (not in piles!)
- Babysit
- Clean, and pay for their housekeeping
- Foot the grocery bill
- Be in observation mode to get to know their rhythms, and follow suit

The Considerate House Guest | Apartment Therapy New York
7/20/10 03:02 PM