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Remember this is for show and for sale. Merchandising is in play here. The future owner may very well offer this house for rentals, which is a huge industry these days. The decorating is influenced by all of these factors. If the future owner actually chooses to live in the house, then tune in later and witness another spectacular display of designer power at work. The new owner might replace the fish with deer heads and zebra skins, who knows. These girls are top notch, and that's a fact. I personally agree that it presently is busy and fishy, and most of the public loves that look. They want fish in their shower. As for the two dining tables in close proximity -- where are the 18 people supposed to take their meals? So, lighten up a little, OK? For the men, there is a model boat and a pair of oars, a mounted fish, some fabulous wooden sculptures, and some other things, and the house itself. The stairway and high cupola together are as energizing as a wooden structure can be. Especially when viewed while standing on the fish rug.You have to be there. Go there.

Beach House Beauty on the Texas Coast House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/20/10 10:29 AM