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So warm and child friendly while still seeming "grown-up"! I love that there is no major separation between kid space and adult space (though in such small quarters, how could there be?). Fabulous details abound here, especially in your hanging collections. Oh, and your big and little brooms totally made me smile!

Northwest Finalist #1: Delight's Cozy Nest for Three
5/14/07 05:28 PM

any tips for painting outside surfaces?

the surface of our deck is currently covered in dirty, chipping grey paint. we tried washing it with a power washer, mop, and scrub brush to get some of the dirt off and it only looks marginally better. i want to give it a new coat of paint this weekend -- how clean should it be before hand? and do i need to scrape or sand or prime first? (or all three?) and how many coats do i need?

not much experience painting here, if you couldn't already tell!

Hot Tips: On Painting
4/30/07 12:20 PM