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i've had my naturemill pro for at least a year now, and overall i'm happy with it & feel it was worth the investment (living in the bahamas, think: retail cost freight forwarding import duty)
i did have an episode where some little metal latches got bent out of shape, and i found them in the bin below. i emailed naturemill about what happened, with some pix of the metal bits and they explained that some models had had this problem, and immediately sent me 2 replacement latches for free. the customer service was GREAT, but it wasn't so great having to disassemble the dirty stinky latch and replace it myself.
mine doesn't emit any smells or leaks other than when i lift the lid to add more scraps. like someone else said, the smell is earthy not garbagey, and quickly dissipates.
i love it because by composting all my organic waste, my actual garbage doesn't need to be taken out as frequently, and is never smelly!
the naturemill makes it easy to compost and reduce your waste. i highly recommend.

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