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"Also, for those of us who use hoards of reference books of a regular occasion, it takes far less time to find an entry in a real book than an ebook version. As of now, I have nothing to mourn in the rise of ebooks and I'm not convinced (as many seem to be) that "real" books are going the way of walkman."

It takes even less time to type the question into Google and find a respectable source with the answer.

Bye Bye Books: Mourning the Loss of Real Live Books
10/3/11 03:01 PM

"We now are slaves without choice, forced to bring along every single eBook we own in the space of a single real book. Our choice has been stripped away from us." - Is this satire? Am I being punked? How can this be a serious complaint? I can't even take this seriously enough to offer a proper response...

"Now we squint to make out the text on a crappy backlight." - Not if you're reading on a Kindle, Nook, or anything with an e-ink screen. Booklights still apply.

"Speaking of bookshelves, no more are we able to lovingly look at and care for our huge book collection which we've collected over the years and proudly display on bookshelves as flags of our well read-ness." - Again... is this a joke? 1. Nobody is forcing you to throw away your book collection. 2. We should get over ourselves and the desire to make it appear that we're more intelligent than we actually are.

Whenever I hear any of the above complaints all I hear is "wah wah wah the feel of crumpled paper wah wah wah I can't move on wah wah wah."

Honestly, as long as we still have access to quality content why does it matter what form it takes? As the previous commenter said, you can still have story time with an iPad, and I don't think it's feasible to think that children's picture books and the like are seriously going to disappear completely anytime soon.

Oh, and you want to collect autographs? There's an app for that (http://tenonedesign.com/autographmobile.php).

Bye Bye Books: Mourning the Loss of Real Live Books
10/3/11 03:00 PM

Anyone know where you can get the desk?

Get The Look: Leo Capello's Tiny Tech'd Out Office
3/9/11 11:47 AM

This probably voids the warranty, right? And I wonder if it would still fit in standard cases.

Add a Metal Back to Your iPhone 4
10/15/10 12:21 PM

It's actually not a bad thing to charge your iPhone every night. Actually, with the lithium-ion battery of the iPhone, it's better to only let it do a full discharge once in a while, and do frequent small recharges the rest of the time. http://www.batteryuniversity.com/parttwo-34.htm

Also, why does every article on here consistently say "we" and "our"? Do all the writers share the same exact preferences? Is it some sort of ridiculous style decision made by your editors? Whatever it is... it's really annoying.

Our iPhone Alarm Clock Set Up & Why We Like IT!
8/23/10 10:35 AM

Who are you to say with absolute certainty that "no matter what anyone says, electronics look better behind closed doors"?

First off, wouldn't that blanket statement automatically include the TV that you see in each of these pictures? Hide that hideous beast in a TV cabinet!

Second, different people have different tastes. Why not say "I like my electronics hidden, what do you think?" I might want to hide the modem, router, and other stuff, but I happen to enjoy displaying my video game consoles and blu ray player.

I wonder, what IS worthy of being displayed out in the open in your living room?

Keep It Separated Covered | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
7/26/10 02:45 PM