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12/18/13 01:02 PM

I second and third the Colcannon. Any heavy greens work like chard or kale - the bitter taste goes away once you wilt them. I love sauteed cabbage as well. We usually throw in caramelized or sauteed onions and mushrooms, and we pack ut full so its a very veggie rich meal.

I also love half mashed potatoes half mashed cauliflower topped with anything you like.

Weeknight Comfort: Making Mashed Potatoes a Meal
11/29/12 03:03 PM

I work long days so I eat at least 2 small meals.

Leftover coconut veggie curry and falafel, with a snack of cheese crackers and cashews.

slice of sourdough and cheddar, ants on a log and a black bean brownie for later.

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3/1/11 02:53 PM

I think a lot of omnivores ask the question not to "pick a fight" but because they feel automatically judged (I think a lot of comments here have illustrated that). I think you could fend off a lot of problems by starting with "I don't mind that other people eat meat but I think this is a really good decision for me". If they are curious beyond that they will ask questions, if they were feeling that you were judging their decision to eat meat that will put them at ease around you. Any mention or environmental and health reasons can still make others feel judged, so if you put them at ease first it will be easier to talk honestly about those issues. Also, I don't think you should have to lie about doing it for a serious health reason if you didn't. You made the decision for whatever reason and I think you can present it honestly and not have too many arguments.

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2/10/11 12:02 PM

I agree with soaking. I soak most rice and have really good results!

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2/10/11 11:38 AM

I think this trip is a really good chance for you to talk to all your girls about gluten allergies and healthy cooking. There may even be a cooking or other badge in it if they don't already have it! Along with the good point about cross contamination I think it's a good chance for you to help your gluten free girl feel included not just by the leaders but by the troop. For once she won't have to eat something different and the leaders can help her answer all the questions she would normally get about a gluten free diet.

Talk to her parents about meals they like to cook for her and ask her what she would like her friends to know about gluten-free eating or any foods she would like to share with them.

On another note, at GS camp we made "banana boats". Slice a banana lengthwise, scoop and eat a little out of the middle on both sides, stuff with marshmallows and chocolate chips, push back together, wrap in tinfoil and cook on the campfire. It's an old classic - just use gluten free marshmallows :)

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1/18/11 11:14 PM

I'm not gluten free but I have friends who are. As someone who loves to cook but is not very good in some areas, I second the rice cooker. Even a super cheap one saves a lot of fuss. You can cook much more that just rice and I have a lot less burned or underdone rice since I bought one.

I cook quinoa and black beans right in my rice cooker spices with salt and cumin. Super delicious. You can steam veggies too.

The other thing I know that is important is having separate condiments if you live with people. If they touch a hot-dog bun with the ketchup or spread mayo on their bread and dip back in for more it contaminates the whole jar.

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1/18/11 12:05 PM

I think the economy has something to do with the increased viewing as well, but I also think the statistic can be thrown off by a lot of factors - some were already mentioned, but I would include those who sleep with the TV on as throwing off the count.

On the other hand, if you work 8 hours a day, sleep 8 and do about 1 hour in commuting over half of your leisure time is taken up by the 4 hours a day statistic. If you cook and eat with your family (assuming not in front of the the tv) that takes up another hour, and I assume most people send an hour getting ready for work and bed. That leaves only 1 leisure hour a day not spent watching TV, and I think that is a problem.

TV is considered a bad thing in excess because of the way your mind works while you are watching it. It is mentally over and under stimulating at the same time. While it may be relaxing it does not give people time to think and process emotions. Books, puzzles and social activities all stimulate and work the brain keeping it healthy and promoting positive emotion. While we enjoy TV it does not create the same "well being" chemical reaction in your brain. With the rate of depression in Americans, I find it worrying that only an hour a day may be spent working through things that happened in the day and stimulating the brain in relaxing way.

Physical health problems have also been linked to the inactivity that TV promotes - as well as people's likelihood to overeat while watching.

I personally can tell when I watch too much TV - I feel antsy and grumpy but not particularly motivated to do anything. I try and make it a social activity but not 7 days a week and not half of my leisure time a day.

How Do You Know If You're Watching Too Much TV?
1/13/11 03:28 PM

Living room TV has never been a problem - personal computers and TVs always took care of that. What I'm interested in is how you decide what to watch in a shared dorm room where the tv is going to bother the other person even if they don't watch.

That was a big point of contention with my first roommate - not only did we not watch the same shows (and downright hated some of what the other watched) but it was hard to feel you had to leave your own room for studying, napping, etc because the other just *had* to watch a show at a certain time.

Netflix didn't have streaming then, so I'm sure that takes care of some of it, but what about that new premiere show the other has to watch night before your exams when the library is packed?

3 Ways to Deal With Sharing a TV With Roommates
1/11/11 10:59 AM

I get them in bulk at costco super cheap. My favorite way to eat them is as a side dish - steamed in the hulls we put a little butter or olive oil and salt and toss. When you pull them out of the hull with your teeth you get a little salt and butter, we've even eaten this instead of popcorn in front of a movie! Leftovers I throw in fried rice or use to garnish salad.

Easy Pantry Dinners: 5 Meals with Frozen Edamame
1/10/11 01:20 PM

My family would always get after me for just picking up feathers, so putting them on a table makes me...wary.

Feathers on the Table: Yay or Nay?
11/22/10 01:01 PM

I come from a small family but all children were well behaved at the adult table so there really was never a reason to separate. That being said I can see why a kiddie table could be fun to a child. I might make use of it for a family birthday party or other occasion, but not for Thanksgiving. That's time for my family to be together, from babies to great grandmas.

Yay or Nay? Setting a Kiddie Table at Holiday Dinners
11/15/10 04:43 PM

No reason to just freeze the pie crust - pumpkin and sweet potato pie freeze amazingly well. Even a sweet potato casserole without the toppings - defrost the day before, pop toppings on and put in the oven day of.

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11/11/10 04:46 PM

My Fiance and I each brought a fondue pot to the apartment. He used his as a regular small cooking pot and I loved it so much mine got the same use. Now just the warming plates sit in the back of the cupboard for the 10 times a year we use them and the pots get daily use.

Small Space Cooking: Why We Put Away Our Stock Pot
11/10/10 02:47 PM

All the audiophiles in my life have told me to scrap the ear buds in any form. Skull candy makes a nice sound canceling headphone, and while they can be a little pricey they will replace them at half price for life even if you jump on them. They're a stylish gift for a teenager too, boys or girls.

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11/9/10 04:18 PM

Where do people get these thick Udon noodles? We don't have Trader Joe's in my part of Michigan, so please don't say that. The only ones I've found are the dry packaged one, which are good but definitely not as good as the thick ones you get in restaurants. Meijer only has them is packs that are like ramen and come with soup base for over $4 a small pack.

Weeknight Dinner: Quick Udon Noodle Soup
10/28/10 05:57 PM

I just ordered this. I'm going to try it in conjunction with a natural alum-stone (salt, not aluminum) as that's a really good antiperspirant. Hopefully it is as good as clinical-strength, cause when the hormones go off, no natural deodorant yet has done what I wanted it to do.

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10/28/10 05:55 PM

Our "landing strip" is a sort of bistro rack in the kitchen between the doorway and the hall where we keep our shoe mat and coat hooks. It has hooks for the keys, a mail basket and a hidden spot for all that little stuff you need but don't quite know what to do with (extra keys, pens, that screw you just found that goes to something really important but you can't remember what) It even has hooks for my purse and a bag.

After this post I wondered why it wasn't really getting used for anything but keys and purse and everything was still ending up on the kitchen table. The surprising revelation was - the toaster was on the side of the counter right by the coat hooks, blocking the flow and taking up a good portion of the counter space. I moved the toaster and wow what a difference already!

This inspired me to re-examine the entire flow of my kitchen and make some big changes. Just making me look at things differently helped so much!

Day 8: Establish a Landing Strip
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10/28/10 12:16 PM

I learned from my mother to bring flowers and greens in weekly from the garden, but I haven't lived anywhere with a yard for the past 6 years. Cut flowers always seemed like an extravagance on the budget - thank you for changing my mind. The flowers last week made a world of difference. I would take time just to sit in one of the rooms with the flowers and since they've wilted I've been looking forward to new flower day. I think this will make so much difference in my winter restlessness in the apartment - this is a weekly ritual I hadn't realized I really needed. Thank you, thank you!

Day 7: Buy Flowers & Sit for 10
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10/26/10 02:22 PM

You can deter cats from going to an area with a nubbly mat. Cheap clear no-slip car and rugs mats have little plastic nubs on the bottom so if you turn it upside-down, the cat doesn't like to walk on it. This is commonly used to teach kittens not to go on the stove while it's off so they won't burn themselves later. Maybe you could put some under the holder - he won't want to stand on it to play with the TP.

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10/21/10 01:46 PM