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My mother nearly burnt down our apartment one night while making tea.

She was a bit scatter brained due to a new medicine she was put on that also gave her stoner-esc munchies attacks at 11pm or later. So one night I'm up with her, and she turns towards the kitchen saying "What's the crackling noise I hear?"

That crackling noise was the enamel from a ceramic teapot, with a faulty whistle, breaking off due to it GLOWING ORANGE FROM THE HEAT! My mother, in one of these aforementioned munchies fits decided to have some tea, but the kettle didn't remind when it was ready. Had I not been up talking to her she might have gone back to bed, leaving the thing on the stove heating up, and god only knows what would have happened in the end.

The kettle, in its glowing state, was taken off the flames after we discovered what had happened. The enamel that chipped off inside made it unusable. And to this day I have valid proof that my mother has failed at boiling water.


I Almost Burned Down The Kitchen When...
8/22/11 06:01 PM

Dr. Freud, Paging Dr. Freud, your meal of a stick in a hole for the baby shower is here.

A Beautiful Vegetarian Baby Shower Snack
Sweetest Kitchen

7/25/11 05:11 PM

My local county fair featured these a few years ago, and I had a chance to try one.

Have you ever needed to cook many hot dogs and resorted to the boil method? You know, drop a pack or two of dogs in boiling water.

That's what these tasted like. Only with corn dog outsides. I had one... stopped at that. Not fully back, but not what I was expecting and sure as hell not something I go for in food.

Zucchini Weenies: A Healthier Corn Dog?
6/13/11 10:31 PM

My mother still has and uses a full set of the yellow 'sunburst' style canisters (top left of the picture). Just seeing that right now makes me flash back to childhood, she's had those damn things longer than I've been alive XD

Flashback Video: 1970s Tupperware Parties
60 Minutes

4/21/11 03:11 PM

Cell Only for about 4 years now. Haven't looked back, but also don't see a need for any of these devices. The only time these days I see a need for land line would be for the unfortunate souls that have to rely on DSL for their internet.

Would You Say Goodbye To Your Land Line?
1/28/11 06:58 PM

I've always understood that there will a flavor/toxin transfer. Or at minimum, it's best to be cautious of this and not use deadly nightshade or something ~_^

Look! How To Make Easy, Edible Candy Leaves
11/16/10 06:23 PM


Have You Seen the Thanksgiving Turkey Cake Yet?
11/11/10 04:40 PM

Tapatio, bar none. I find myself using it from breakfast (Ketchup + Tap on hash browns) to lunch (adds flavor to the blandest leftover) to dinner. Speaking of my hash browns, I can't tell you how lovely Ketchup + Tap goes with french fries. Amazing stuff.

Sriracha to Tabasco: What’s Your Favorite Hot Sauce?
9/23/10 12:01 PM

I'm surprised this was K-Mart, and now Dell or CDW (whom are notorious where I work for similar packing fiascoes).

How To Not Ship a Printer Cartridge
9/14/10 12:30 PM

I caught on to this combo years ago in high school. Got it from a Thai food obsessed English teacher.

However, you list this as a 'spicy' snack. I do not concur: I make sure I de-seed and de-vein my peppers. Maybe it's preference, but a fresh, mild, jalapeño taste is good enough for me.

Peppers & a Glass of Milk? Peanut Butter-Stuffed Jalapeños
9/13/10 02:54 PM

I got a close up look at these at Comic-Con, very much WANT!

Tron Inspired Tech
8/25/10 06:07 PM

#1 hearkens back to the old days when your monitor and tower were practically the same device. We're talking 268s and lower.

You had a chance (through faulty wiring) to overload the the current going through the 'computer' by turning the 'monitor' on first. Funny how some superstitions were based on old facts.

Jefe's Soapbox (My Blog)

The 7 Weirdest Home Tech Superstitions
8/13/10 07:00 PM

My mother, lord and lady bless here, is marginally addicted to crap like this. Those RonCo knife sets? She's got one... and those handles are cheap plastic that breaks easily. Slicer 'n dicer mandolins? Has had several over the years, all cheap and breakable. And that "Perfect" brownie pan? Even greasing each square with what feels like a pound of lard can't keep it from sticking.
Utter crap, all of it.

Fess Up! Ever Bought Something "As Seen on TV"?
8/2/10 04:53 PM

A good rule on thumb I always understood was X/2 oz a day, where X is your weight in lbs. That works fine until you get up there in weight such as myself at 290lbs. That's over a gallon of water a day! Do you know how many bathroom breaks that is????

How Much Water Do You Drink Every Day?
8/2/10 01:47 PM