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Landscape with some low bushes in front of the windows, paint those window mullions white to match the rest of the trim if you can, go black on the shutters, looks like the roof needs to be cleaned or replaced. I think the posts are actually fine, just kind of lonely with no bushes in front of them. Some seating in front of the windows would be nice and maybe a wider or more distinct walkway to the front door with planting beds or path lighting around it.

Add Character to Home Exterior with Red Door and What Else? Good Questions
6/3/14 11:33 AM

I have that salmon colored tile too! It's a rough color to work around, but my best bet so far was doing a simple white shower curtain with an pale grayish aqua paint color on the walls. I used white, silver and pale aqua towels and accessories in the room. I previously tried adding patterns or colors to the room that pick up the tile color and it always ended up being dark and gloomy. With my bathroom I ended up searching the internet for old magazine photos of 50's and 60's bathrooms and went for decorating the rooms as they were intended at the time rather than fighting to modernize the look of old tile.

Colors Ideas to Work with 1960s Bathroom Tile? Good Questions
5/9/14 10:15 AM

My grandmother's antique hope chest was in similar condition with some inlay and veneer missing and alligatored/bubbled finish all over. We had it professionally refinished and it is impossible to tell where the original damage was. While more expensive than doing it ourselves, our chest now looks ready to last another 70 years. If this piece has meaning the refinishing cost may be worthwhile. Also I've found sets of odd-sized furniture pull sets online from several websites, usually they group products by dimension so you can choose ones that fit.

Advice for Renewing Much-Loved Heirloom Dresser? Good Questions
3/5/14 05:59 PM

Do you have any space just outside of the kitchen where you could have a piece of furniture for storage? In my previous kitchen I had to store a lot of my serving dishes and small appliances in a large armoire in the dining room.

What To Do With Small, Angled Ceiling Kitchen?
Good Question

1/19/11 01:20 PM

Our 2 year old shepherd mix is an intermittant chewer and pillow destroyer and we have no room for a crate big enough to hold him. Lately I've started making him "treats" out of the recycle bin. Take an empty cereal box or milk carton, throw some dog food and a favorite toy in, tape it shut and leave it for him as I go to work. Then come home and vacuum up the bits of cardboard he's left for you. He gets his chewing/destroying fix and so far I haven't lost any more pillows from the sofa.

Think Positively: Dealing With Pet Damage
11/12/10 12:22 PM

Our October baby wore lots of footed cotton sleepers and long sleeve onsies, and I felt like I always had a cloth diaper in hand for spit up or some other mess. The Miracle Blanket for swaddling and the plain flannel recieving blankets were all well used during those first few months. We never used hats (he hated them) and found hooded outfits and coats to be too bulky for carseats and strollers. And on one of those desperate late night runs for diapers I found that WalMart has very inexpensive organic cotton onsies that are pretty cute.

Layette Essentials (and Non Essentials) for Fall Babies Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/23/10 03:05 PM

We got some child resistant outlets from our electrician that look just like regular outlets, but you apparently have to stick something in both sides of the outlet (like a plug) to complete the circuit. I think the brand is Leviton and you can buy them at any hardware store, you just have to know how to change out an outlet or get an electrician to do it.

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7/14/10 02:16 PM