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Reasons to not buy a kitchen from IKEA
1. IKEA only sells the furniture. They outsource the design planner, the cabinet installation, and the counter installers. I'm still not sure who is installing our sink.

2. If something goes wrong, no one will take accountability. It's finger pointing between 4 different systems.

3. Boxes come. Lots of boxes. And you will have no idea what the order means. And what you have. So when you need to find out why you have two extra shelves but the cabinet doors are wrong, you won't be able to read the planner or they receipt because it's all in numbers and letters that mean nothing to people who don't work at IKEA.

4. You have to go to Ikea. A lot. And it's probably not close.

5. You will not have a kitchen. For weeks. And weeks. And you will wait while each group goes back and forth confirming things that seem redundant since you ordered and paid for everything weeks prior.

6. There sale price only works if you purchase up to a certain limit. And even if you do, they don't count the fees for the designer, installation, cabinet installation, delivery, and cabinet handles as part of the cost of buying the kitchen. Yes, handles don't count.

Faith's Kitchen Renovation: 5 Things We Learned While Buying an IKEA Kitchen Renovation Diary: Faith's Budget Luxe Kitchen
4/5/14 10:26 AM

Curious to see your space!

10 Reasons I Love Living in a Small Town
7/3/12 03:39 PM

Charcoal gray is my new favorite. It's a great connector with rustic and modern pieces.

The Dark Side: Beautiful Black Furniture & Accessories Color Roundup
6/25/12 09:57 PM

My favorite part is the mac laptop. It seems a little out of place. Can't wait to see the after pics.

Introducing The World's Ugliest Condo Renovation Diary
3/7/12 02:01 PM

Thank you for not tearing down a lovely home. And making it even more lovely. The space is so light and airy. With defined sections yet still having such a great open feeling throughout.

Shiva's Eclectic, Romantic Modern Ranch House Tour
2/29/12 01:56 PM

This is Karl Largerfeld from 20 years ago wearing a suit his mom dressed him in 50 years ago.

Style Watch: The Fashion of Cersaie
Cersaie 2011

9/29/11 05:53 PM

I wasn't so lucky in the initial craze, but a couple of days ago I was at Target and there was a rack of things I had wanted. Apparently someone with my taste and size had returned it. I was so excited, but once I tried it all on, I came home with nothing. No matter how good it looks, if it doesn't look good on, there's no point.

Missoni for Target: The Aftermath Plus Product Reviews!
9/27/11 11:53 AM

This house is a wonderful reflection of your wit, style and creativity. And I would like my martini with a twist please.

House Tour: Karl's Mid Century Minneapolis Retreat
9/6/11 02:01 PM

chairs+orange+huge live/work space = a very jealous designer.

Kelly's Retro Artist Loft in Downtown LA
House Tour

9/4/11 05:54 PM

3 flat, loft, duplex down, garden, coach house and now my bungalow. Only thing I didn't do living in Chicago was a high rise.

Classic Chicago Homes: From Coach Houses to Two Flats
American Style

7/23/11 11:52 AM

We saw a msm ranch that needed work. To much work since it had mold and in foreclosure. It had beams, bricks, hardwood floors and two fireplaces. The potential was there. A developer bought it and stripped it of all the charm. Dry walled everything. Slapped some white paint on it, and sold it. So sad. We ended up buying a bungalow. Tiny and with lots of quirks, I wouldn't trade it in for something larger and newer in a second. They just don't make these old houses like they used to.

Reconsidering the Ranch House
7/19/11 01:17 PM

42. Not that I hadn't purchased furniture before. Even nice furniture. But nothing spoke to me like this wooden and glass dinning room table to go with 6 tolix chairs. It was right after we moved into our bungalow. And every day I see it I think it's perfect.

How Old Were You? First Large Furniture Purchase?
6/27/11 06:18 PM

I have a horribly visually offensive office chair that is the only thing I find half comfortable. I can see re-upholstering because I've spent a small fortune on chairs that don't work. But I wouldn't start with cheap and ugly.

5 Reupholstered IKEA Pieces
6/17/11 04:56 PM

This house is fantastic. It shows the personality of the owner and her ability to work with the houses charms (and quirks). I live in a bungalow and have the same issue with angled walls and ceilings. It makes for some interesting design solutions. I love the turquoise and red in the front. Would love to see more pics. Well done.

Julia's A-Frame
5/7/11 11:48 AM

No-one ever admits that what they have is crap. Or bad taste. Add "inspired by" to the list. That means reproduction. And with zero value.

Do You Suffer from Craigslist Elitist Syndrome?
4/21/11 04:34 PM

I wish I knew someone like you to do this for me. This is fantastic.

Before & After: Laura's "Simple & Cheap" Ottoman Redo
3/11/11 06:13 PM

The way this store is displayed is always inspiring.

Room Service: Live With What You Love
Store Profile

3/10/11 01:25 PM

Bathroom: Amazing. Kitchen: So cool. Your daughter must love that swing. Feels like a happy place to live. And work. Well done.

Joel & McKenzie's Salvaged Live/Work Loft
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1/27/11 08:54 AM

I love the uncluttered but warm feel. It looks much bigger than the square footage. Just because you have some space doesn't mean it has to be filled!

Dea & Jorge's Custom Simplicity
House Tour

1/25/11 08:10 AM

I think living and working in spaces were pieces have a specific intention and are thoughtful in their use make all the difference. Stuff to fill space seems wasteful. Good (or great) design should always have a purpose.

The Best Fresh Start… Vipassana & Design
1/10/11 02:14 PM