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Geesh, samsd, give her a break! If she's not married to the father of her son, her son's grandfather is not related to her at all! I think it was a fine way to state the relationship. We don't live in a world where all families fit into neat little easily-describable packages anymore, and that's actually a good thing!

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10/12/10 02:00 PM

I clean the wall with rubbing alcohol before using 3M and I have great luck on all sorts of surfaces. Sticks well, comes off cleanly.

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9/22/10 06:27 PM

I have three boys age 11, 8, and 3, and a tiny apartment. We utilize bunk beds. My oldest started sleeping on top when he was 4, now it's my middle child on top. We've never had any injuries or even anything close, and I have some rambunctious young men!

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8/15/10 06:36 PM

But where can you get one and how much is it? My kid would love one of these!

The Cubebot | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/24/10 03:14 PM

I've found during my 11 years residing with my kids in apartments that as far as noise absorption goes, it's amazing how much not only rugs but also curtains/drapes, art on walls, lots of upholstery in general help with the noise levels. I have a piano and have it sitting on carpet with upholstered doors simply leaning against the wall behind it. My neighbors never hear my piano (I ask periodically).

Also I have 3 active boys, and find that they need lots of large muscle play and also sensory stimulation (sand, water, play dough, etc.) every single day. If I let up on that stuff, the noise and activity level creep up, but if I keep making sure they're getting the gross motor and the sensory, they're quite placid for large chunks of the day. I found a great free playground that's 2 stories tall, indoors, run by a church in town (you don't have to be a member) for those days weather doesn't allow outdoor play.

I know your neighbors are just trying to be polite, but I'd be direct with them and give them permission to be direct as well without hurting your feelings. I'd ask them to be specific about what they're hearing and at what times of day. This will help figure out if there are hidden noise sources you were not completely aware of, and help you relax during other portions of the day when you're afraid they're being loud but they're fine. Building acoustics are weird and unpredictable :)

I agree with keeping them out of the house during that special weekend as much as possible. Library, park, art museum, picnic, swimming hole, etc. I also agree - make sure you're providing them with gifts even if it's lots of homemade goodies that don't cost you much - stay friendly so the occasional infraction don't send them off the deep end :)

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7/14/10 06:45 AM