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KAZ is right. This post is something you'd find on TurboScan's website, not on a blog which supposedly is here to inform and trendset.

Seriously, this is a pathetic excuse of a post. At the very least I'd expect it to offer an option for iOS, an option for Android and maybe even an option for WP7. Even better would be to compare a couple different options for them.

The fact is, I've tried TurboScan and ScannerPro on my iPad and CamScanner on my Android phone and TurboScan was the worst of the three. It just seems to be such basic laziness on the part of the author.

Come on Apartment Therapy, let's get a bit of quality control in here, ya?

Want To Go Paperless? Use Your iPhone to Scan Important Documents!
9/1/12 01:48 AM

Ya, I'm not really sure what the point of this post was... all of these features are available on Firefox.

I've had the text deleted on my "bookmark bar" links for quite a while, leaving just the favicons and, as you say, allowing way more links to stay there.

And with Firefox's 'Awesome Bar' or whatever they're calling it now, typing in a search string to the address bar redirects you to google search anyways. Even better, when I type in unpluggd to the bar, it takes me right to the site.

The only thing on your list that is actually a benefit of using Chrome is that each tab runs as its own session.

Maybe do a bit more research before posting something that is, essentially, completely wrong.

4 Things You Should Know Google Chrome Can Do
8/19/11 12:25 PM

I know this is totally unauthentic, but do you think you could use grapeseed oil instead of olive oil?
I have a really nice grapeseed oil that I usually use in the place of olive oil. It tastes better (imo) and is healthier, but not sure if it might do something weird here...


Low-Fat Pesto: Can It Be As Good As the Real Thing? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/12/10 07:17 PM